I Wish You Were Here

To feel your warmth curled up behind me or under my cheek.
The lovely feel of skin to skin contact.
The heavenly masculine smell of your body.
To listen to your breathing and your heartbeat.
To know that I am not alone.
To curl my fingers into your chest,
or snuggle your arm into mine.

The sigh of contentment that would quietly escape.
The tiny smile of happiness at the corner of my mouth that comes from the heart. 
The overwhelming flow of love and appreciation of just how lucky I am. 
To have you here with me.
In my arms. 
snowberry75 snowberry75
36-40, F
6 Responses Jan 25, 2012

Oh what is is to be lost in that moment...... I miss that...... Thank you for sharing :)

Yes, love those moments :)

I loved it! So good and so cute :)

Thank you :)

wow! very sweet! Hope your man comes sweeping in soon and takes you away to a happy place!

:D thank you, I really appreciate your thoughts. :)

You will....I feel it in my bones...... :D Well, maybe I'm wishin for it in my heart too.... ♥ It'll happen tho......You got all the right ingredients to make some man one saucy and smart little Dish-O-Happy!!

Awww you are so sweet and I always love your descriptive words...so charming and fun all at the same time. :) (hugs) You make me smile big my friend.

awww hugs and hugs ♥


Thank you. :)

Awwwww.....I wanna read the post sometime soon that say...You're THERE... and soooo happy! ♥

:D and I definitely want to write it.....someday.....:)