I Need You Here

I'm Currently In A Long Distance Relationship. This Is Really Hard For Me Because My Girlfriend Is My World. We Talk All The Time.. Before We Go To Work, Once We Get Out Of Work, When We're Both At Home With Nothing To Do, At Night, And We Eventually Fall Asleep On The Phone Together. My Life Couldn't Be Any Better Now That I'm With Her. But, The Only Problem Is She's Too Far Away. When I'm Out At The Mall Or Something I Wish I Was Holding Her Hand. When I'm Laying In Bed At Night, I Wish My Arms Were Wrapped Around Her.. It's Just Hard Not Being Able To Be With The On You Love The Most :..
KyDee KyDee
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 22, 2012

Lls I Love You Bae

i love you tooo bae!!!!

Awwwww!!!!: )) This Made My Day!!