Mother Of My Daughter

The curtains fail as the light shines through
How many more days can I wake without being beside you
My eyes are are open but my body is asleep
I take each day hoping not to drink or weep
If only I was strong enough to pretand this was all just a dream
The air inside my lungs tries to force my mouth to scream
But to be strong and and stay alive I must be true to me
Months pass by as the leaves start turning green
But I know this summer will pass and winters cold will creep
The memories fade but the pain I keep will slowy increase
Yesterday I fold myself but didn't recongize it was me
Today I woke from such a strange sleep that I couldn't believe
Dreamt of odds things like floating above her and me cuddled in a sleep
Maybe it was things to come or something that wasn't to be
All signs point to that this slumber wasn't meant for me
Finding myself wishing who's dream it could have been
Wishing for you that this stranger is loving and sweet
Someone who is better than what I couldn't reach
The brain knows better than the heart and it is my defeat
Knowledge is power but I always feel so weak
An old man once told me you cant learn until you teach
I finally understand what he meant and now I must retreat
The nice guys finish last because they won't abuse
But until you learn to fight relationships you'll always lose
I dedicate the misery that taught me who to be to my muse
Forever and amen the lesson I shall lose
But when the sun rises again and I slowly dress my feet
I'll be walking the better path because who you made me
fight and defeat myself to become better than myself
The story my not have a happy ending but thats okay
I take it all day by day trying not to drink or weep
I find myself again and this time I was I'm so glad to finally meet
countjeezy countjeezy
18-21, M
Jul 27, 2012