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I Wish He Was Here.....

I'm 19 years old,8 months pregnant and engaged. I really wish my fiance was here with me because I hate being by myself. I hate going through this pain alone. Through out this whole pregnancy I have been with him and now since its almost the end of my pregnancy I barely get to see him because he doesnt have a place to stay that is big enough and my parents barely let him stay here. Im to scared to ask my dad if he can stay because I dont want him saying no because of some reason. I go to my mom and she just tells me to ask my dad. Lately now I've been having pains at night and I know some is from her kicking,other times i dont know.Last month I would sit up and cry my eyes out at night and I would have my fiance right next to me holding me,but now I dont because im too scared to ask if he can stay here with me for a few days. I dont like complaining to my parents about the pain,and at night when they are sleeping is when i get the pains :( I just want my last month of pregnancy to be easy and I would love if my fiance could be with me every other week...I've been talking to my fiance and I even asked if he could get the money from his grandma if he would give some to my dad for letting him stay here with me. I havent told my dad that yet but I'm hoping he will see this somehow....
Im hoping he can stay this week since we have appointments and itll be alt easier for our social worker..I love my parents to death and I know they dont like people in the house but he is my babydaddy and i know he would help out if my parents ask him to do things..
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011 22-25, F Jan 13, 2013

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