Wish You Were Here..

Its been more than a day now since you left me. I started missing you as soon as i kissed you goodbye and saw you drive away while i stood there waving you good bye. It was one of the best times of my life as i snuggled up with you each night and feel asleep without having anything to worry about. If anything surpassed that feeling it was only of waking up to a wet kiss from you, could there even be a more beautiful way to start the day? I just felt content when i saw into the depth of you beautiful brown eyes and all the happiness of the world was in my grasp when i held you in my arms. And as i looked at you funny when i felt all those, you just looked back at me, smiled at me as if i was a clown and asked me "What?" to which i dint know how to respond...sweetheart I just want to say that, it was the most cherished weekend of my life with just one regret though..that tomorrow, it will be more than two days since you would have left me...
Floydian Floydian
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25 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Yeah yeah we both know thats so not you!! You may have others fooled but not me! :|<br />
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And bublina, like i said she has you fooled!!

hahah :D Shine's is more adorable. :P You lose.

Thanks dee! :)<br />
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Now now, your avatar says it all..doesnt it? :P

I just gotta say, Awwww.....!!!! I'm so happy for you two!

I dont know what fake hollywood version or true real version is, all i know is that I care about this woman and want to be with her, people can call it love if they want to, for me its all about what I feel and I hope I can expresses it to her without having to use the label love.<br />
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Oi oi whats up with being so formal? Never seen that side of you when its just the two of us, is it because this is a public forum? :o hehe ok ok jk and I miss you too!! A lot!<br />
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Aw ally! (((HUGS)))<br />
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Dude you still are yelling :/

*I WAS NOT YELLING* hehhehe.

Oh, this makes me cry; seriously, I'm bawling right now. *sighs*

The lable love and what love really is are two different things. You have seen the fake hollywood version of love that some many people have been tricked by and never learned what real love is. This feeling of missing her and everything you do feel right now is what real love is.

Lets just say I hate the label love. Like i said for me it anyways means a complex mixture of love, lust, passion, intimacy. The point is that I dont believe in love the way other people do, like going all crazy over it, the s/o seems to be a better choice to go crazy over rather than the idea of love! :)

You can call it what you want but it is all the same on the inside. Most of us call it love, but I am sure you have your own word for it. no need to get all embarrassed! haha!

I am sorry but did my story even once mention love? I dont believe in that label still, but i am a man enough to accept if i am missing someone!<br />
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Yeah yeah got it, you can stop yelling! :P

aww what is this emo floyd in love? Thought you didnt believe in such stuff.

I was teasing, DUDE. :P

Dude mine was double yours, the point is that giving up wont help anyways! :)

:) heh yeah, or 7000 miles to happen :P

Dont loose hope! i mean m and her we both had given up and then it happened, things happen the way they are supposed to happen, you just have to go that extra mile to make them happen..

That's the only thing that left... in my case. Hope.

Its the hope of being together again that keeps me going! :)

((((((((hugs)))))))) at least you two can be happy in this way. :)


*teary eyes* aww...

Thanks salar, long time no see!<br />
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I hope so too, i am really waiting until the time we can recreate the magic! :)

Good for you Floydian... Hope the time passes quickly and your able to meet up with her again soon.....

Floydy you old poet ......

Definitely holding on to them and just waiting eagerly till the time we can recreate them! :) <br />
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(((hugs back)))