Missing You

I have three small beautiful children a boy who is three and twin girls who are 18 months. They were apprehended june 6th of 2008. The worst day of my life. CAS(children's aid society) came in that day for a routine visit. My CAS worker made me wake up my girls, and she said that the looked tired, she said that my son should have more clothes on, as he was in shorts with no shirt on(it's June 6th) And since that day i have done a parental capacity test, which the doctor who has done that has found that i have anxiety, and OCD and says that i am not going to be able to parent. I have not been able to find a lawyer in my city who would want to take on my case. I am looking at loosing my children for ever . i am stressed out to the max and not knowing what to do about it. It has been too long not having my children in my home.

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They first came in volved because they thought i was too young to have a child at the age of 21, and because of my ex-boyfriend's past history with jail and being arrested. Then when i found out that i was pregnant again and with twin's i asked for CAS to stay involved with me, because i would have 3 children under three at the time my tiwns were born. <BR>CAS then start to say i was not feeding my girls because they stopped gaining weight, now finding out it is a medical condition, also my son started to take off his diaper. <BR>And i know i have made mistakes while parenting, but i never thought that it would come to CAS apprehending my children. I am sure i am not the only one that has made mistakes trying to be the best parent for their children.<br />
And i thank you for your prayers. My children are in foster care, because i dont have family that will take them.