If You Were In My Bed...

If you were in my bed tonight...I would open my arms to hold you close. I would hold you to me and bury my face in your hair...I would tell you I loved you as I kissed your eyelids and traced your mouth with my finger tips. I would lay on your chest and hug your sides with my knees while I told you every little thing about you that I adore. I would keep you warm and safe until dawn creeped in between the curtains to take you away from me...leaving only your scent on the pillow and an ache in my heart...
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8 Responses Nov 8, 2012

That's a very beautiful thought.

Thank you for the 'heart.'

no , , stay longer

Wow i think after all of that i'm not going anywhere in the morning i'm staying with you for some more!!

You have such feeling in your writing.

You are welcome.

That's exactly what I need right now

That was wonderful petite! I already knew you were an excellent writer...but...well put. I hope he figures out what he's missing, you deserve it! :-)

That would be a wonderful position to have!!

petitepoison68---that was very sweet. a great way to spend an evening in bed only to give it up the responsibilities of the morning.

My goodness, you are so liquid in your prose, so heart felt, I am a grown older man that is so touched by your feelings. This so transends the blatant sexual to the sensual and loving between a man and women. To have that in ones bed and not realize what is there is a travesty of life itself! You are cut from a special cloth, having a cutting edge I am sure as most woman do, but a sensual touch that just reaches out and grabs you!! So glad to be in your circle, I want to read more from you!!


You are softly erotic and that is so seductive! Damn, you turn me on just reading your story!! I can just envision an evening and morning with you, write about the transition. I am a sensual creature at night, strongly sexual in the morning as I dream sex after hours of soft touchint, licking, caressing in the evening. Tell me if you would like me to worship your toes (love feet, too!), do full body massage and oil, I am told I am the best at that, I have big hands, caresse you kiss all over your face and neck, sleep intertwined. Wake in the morning to rousing sex, love you on top, kinkier the better. Does any od that stimulate you? I'd love you to write as what does, you seem SOOOOOO sensual, so beyond just sex!!! So glad I met you here!!


Well, you know that life is way to short, at my age I realize that but all my life I have wanted to live life to the fullest--that means it does not fit the molds of society all the time!! To ******* bad, I say!!! I must disgree with you questioning if you are sensual or not---damn, girl, I have read enough crap that passes for that emotion , yours is real and heartfelt. I like using sensual to heighten the sexual experience and it is refreshing for you to express your desires for hot sex!! I have a saying "lust is liberating", for emotions that is!!! Have you sincerely contemplated an affair or two?? It seems such a sin to keep you wrapped in scores of verbage when life can offer what you crave!!