I take you in my arms
Looking deep into your eyes
I feel the trembling you have
This you cannot disguise.

You know that I need you
From my grasp you cannot move
I feel you press against me
My sword against your groove.

We belong together
We are joined as one
You need me so badly
Our passion has begun.

We kiss with heated desire
This we cannot deny
Our love is too deep now
To start another lie.

I take you on the bed
We are as we should be
Lovers hot with lust
Wanting to be free.

I kiss you intently
So you will know
You are all mine now
I will never let you go.

For my love for you is like fire
Your body sets me alight
I crave you, my addiction
You take me on a higher flight.

I am lost in our rhapsody
Our kisses deep and long
Our hearts pounding faster
Beating to their own song.

The sweat is dripping off of us
Sweet shining orbs
We pay no attention
In lust we are absorbed.

I go into you deeply
Pinning you down
You let me in by instinct
Legs grabbing me around.

I ride you my mare
With a steady pace
Our hearts beating faster
In a lovers embrace.

You clamp to me tightly
Wanting to claim my seed
I feel you drawing me inside you
Trying to fulfill your need.

Your body is getting hotter
In turn I feel it too
The desire we have is stronger
Much more then we ever knew.

With a cry of desire
A moan and a shake
I open up the flood
To release beyond your gate.

With me inside you
The spasms at their peak
I kiss you gently
Softly on your cheek.

With this loving gesture
I stare into tear soaked eyes
As the joy pours out from them
I know its something you've fantasized.

And with this moment
To lovers locked as one
We hold each other tightly
As the afterglow has begun.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Dude...another great poem! You definitely have a lovely knack for poetic description...:-D

Thank You....