For Reeceh.....

I Wish You Weren't So Far Away......

I never had the chance to hold you and rock you and sing you a song. 
I didn't have the chance to see you walk, say your first words, hear you giggle loud and strong.

I wish I'd been there to hold you when you first fell down and cried. 
I wish I'd been able to cuddle you the first time you felt hurt when someone lied.

I didn't get to walk you to school on your very first day....
I didn't get to tell you stories when it was time to hit the hay.

I wish I'd been beside you to hold you and tell you how special you are.
To hold you and tell you your safe and loved is hard to do from afar.

I missed the warm cookies and crazy squirt gun fights,
Those dreadful gypsies did a number on me and stole away my Aussie delight.

But thank goodness for technology, although I curse it often!
It only takes a gesture from you and my heart is truly softened.

When I see you have left me a scribble, a hug, a smile, a laugh....
My heart melts with joy and my family  no long feels cut in half.

Adding you to the mix has completed the number, you see....
I belong to you, dear son, and you belong to me.

I wish love and happiness and all things bright....
I wish sweet dreams and peace for you all through the night.

I'll always be your Mum, no matter what happens to EP....
The Old Man and I will love you until this Earth decides to set us free.

I sometimes wish I could have given you the childhood you so richly deserved,
But know that your family loves you and your seat here is always reserved.

{{{{{Hugs}}}}}  Mum and the Old Man ;)

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11 Responses Nov 5, 2010

Thank you for your lovely comment, RSUZY1. ReeceH is a very special young man and a wonderful part of my family. Bright blessings to you, Giggles

That was so amazingly beautiful. Thank You, and please keep writing.

Aaw, sorry I didn't see you commented while you were on (I was busy busting chops on the Q&A board lol). We all love our Reece, don't we? He's such a wonderful person. Lol, YES, he's just a bit big for me to bounce on my knee...whew! he'd break it!!! But I'm sure Trooper would have his hands full if Reece and I ever get together. We'd be laughing all day long :)

**runs in a throws a bear hug on Reece** Of course we love him!!!! <br />
J, this poem is perfect. I can see you bouncing a tiny blonde Aussie on your knee and making him giggle just like you! Okay, he's a bit big for that now, but I bet you could make him roll on the floor and laugh :) ((hugs))

Reece is awesome :) <br />
Hey, I miss you, get yourself back here soon! I don't give a hoot what "old frostbitten" says, having my family close is a joy to my heart :) Aaack, he's a sad little man with an unhappy no attention to that crap. Two-faced people irk me (bet you didn't guess that ;p ) {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Aaaawww, I just love this Giggles :) We all love Reece very much and I'm happy to be his Auntie. You have a wonderful son!

I love you both with all my heart :)

You know I feel the same as your Mom does Reece. You'll always be family and you always have a place with us :) Lol, and I think her poetry is pretty good... waaay better than mine!

And thats why I love it, and thats why I love you My Mum, thankyou so much. You really are my hero

Aaw, we are so happy you are part of our family and we love you very much. My poetry is not the best, lol, but it's from my heart :) Mwah!

**he tackle hugs you to the floor** You Crazy Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **he smothers you in kisses and cuddles** I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Mummy, god, I am so so proud to be your adopted son **he cries happy tears all over the place** Thankyou, from the bottom of my heart, thankyou My Mum =D