God. Youre So Far Away From Me. I Need You Right Now. Please Hear Me, My Lord. :(

im 18. yes im young but ive had my more than my fair share of hurt. i used to be so happy. everything was getting along so well. i had a perfect family, we had a good fortune, i was doing well in school, i had many friends.

then high school came. i changed a lot. i learned to say bad words cuz i thought it will gain me attention. my mom was never there to guide me. i had to learn everything on my own. and not all was right. i faltered a lot of times. i started to become conscious of my appearance. i realized im ugly and fat. it all started from there. i lost my confidence but at least i had friends and i was still doing good in school.

then college. i lost grandma who was like my real mom. i started failing in school. i chose the wrong field. i wanted psychology but i took up commerce. its so frustrating. people there are brilliant and talented. i feel useless. i started drifting away from everyone and everything.

i thought i didnt need people in my life. i was wrong. now im so alone. i dont think my old friends still want me. i need a best friend please. i need someone to talk to. thank you.
MargoRothSpiegelman MargoRothSpiegelman
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3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Hey hon,you are not alone...its a phase and you can come out of it,pease choose to.
You are beautiful and intelligent,realise it and pick up from where yu left hon.

Dont give the devil a chance to convince you otherwise. Take control of your life and let someone learn from your experience.xx

I'm a year and a half younger, but I'm willing<3 I struggle a lot too, and someone who needs to talk to me helps me too. I just tend to get attached:/

we can get attached. i would love to. ill be around. hope we can talk. :)

Cn be ur best friend if u want me 2be

sure sure sure. thank you. :))) im nicole, 18. im from the philippines. :)