Metaphorical Distance

Sometimes, "distance" isn't the number of miles between us. Sometimes it's where our thoughts lie, even in the same bed.

I've feared closeness and the concomitant commitment so much that even when as physically close as two people can be, I kept my soul from muddying up the emotional waters. I was distant and cold, and enjoyed the carnal couplings purely on a physical basis. This was fun for a long, long while, and I was convinced this was perfect.

When I was finally forced to acknowledge the closeness felt with the man I was with, we had to be apart for months at a time. The distances then were in the thousands of miles, or lately by the hundreds. Still, this distance is physical, but our minds communed as if we were together in the same room.

Nothing is perfect; but once it is perfect, then there would be nothing for which to strive.

This physical distance is better than my previous mental distance. I'll take it.
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buss87, kind of you to consider her needs. and what did you get in return?? ;)

Complete trust and kindness over her lifetime !

bravi! :)

So I do not look like an angel I had to encourage her to go astray as I was stimulated in having a hot wife.

lol, that's actually what you get in return ;) you could have just admitted it up front haha!

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hurtingwithin, it's also how prisoners and others forcible separated from their loved ones have said they have survived incarceration or worse. that's why betrayal of that bond is so devastating.

Yeah, desires can tweak ones memories then reality doesn'quite match.

oldgriz, it does ... but sometimes contact after anticipation is not so rewarding. it's a risk/return issue, like everything!

Reminds me of the hoary old cliche. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. ; )

neverletho, a sweet sentiment, by any name. :) nothing to see here, move along lol