Im With The Band. (i Wish)

My boyfriend and i met in college and we were both music majors. Hes so sweet and dorky and i love him to death. After graduation him and his buddy started up a band for fun, nothing was really serious we were both in many different bands, but both of them really focused most of their time on this one in particular, and soon enough they took off. All of a sudden, we had just bought an apartment in nyc, he was gone recording on a major label! I was soo happy and excited for him even tho becoming famous was never really either of our intentions. The bands first album did very well with critics and fans alike, and before either of us could take any of it in, he was snatched away from me yet again to go on his first world tour. We went through a few rough patches here and there, most of them trust issues. It was extremely difficult for me to imagine all the groupies and the temptation that comes along with them, ICCCKK. Its still gross thinking about it, but ive learned to trust him completely. Im so incredibly proud of him and everything he's accomplished, i just wish i could see him everyday! Its hard to talk about how our days going on the phone because nothing i do ever compares to what he does on a day to day basis. Its really hard to be away from him for extended periods of time like when hes touring, but ive semi gotten used to it, and if anything, i think this whole expirence has made our relationship even stronger
veryrandom veryrandom
Aug 6, 2010