I Wish We Were Together

Its good how the internet gives us access to new people from around the world but when we start to have feelings for other people and you have no way of physically being with them it starts to suck. Especially if you're someone like me and you find it easier to talk to people online instead of face to face. I mean, if i were to introduce myself to someone i would feel shy and probably start panicking whereas here its not so bad. So yeah, i have friends that i cant physically see and its quite upsetting and means alot more when there's that one person you really want to see but you just cant do anything about it. Yes there is someone i really want to see right now, I'm pretty sure we've all had that feeling. I wish you weren't so far away so i could see you. I feel that everything would be different if only i could be with you.
SuperDuckey SuperDuckey
18-21, M
Oct 14, 2013