Th First to Tell

like yeh that could refer to love, but i also like to think of it in general when ppl just avoid tellin u things and you're like "OMG just ****** TELL ME!" if ul pardon th language lol. but it definatly goes for romance as well, but im sure as hell not gonna be th first to tell him i like him (whoever that may be)
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4 Responses Jun 6, 2007

I can't see why you expect people to just tell you if you aren't willing to just tell them ;) :D Openess has to be a two-way street, or the open door slams shut pretty hard and fast. I've been the first to tell (any number of things) and it is very, very difficult to be like that all the time when the other person gives you nothing back.

lol that's true i hope my love isnt too much like me, and that's cool

There is nothing wrong with being the first to tell or say it. I have been asked out by many women in my life, including my current wife. I'm glad that she did - been together 11 years now!

I hope you don't meet a guy that feels the same way then, or you two will FOREVER NEVER be telling each other I LOVE YOU!! lol