The Workplace Busybody

If I didn't invite you in my business, please stay out of it.

I love my job, it is fantastic, but I hate the gossip that comes with it. Since there are so few females and so many males, a lot of weird rumors start to form, and a lot of it is about me or another female co-worker of mine. Her and I are very similar. "Attractive gamer chicks." The guys are all super nice to us and it makes some of the other girl's jealous, I think.

There is a woman that works with us who is older and who puts herself in just about everyone's business. She has made multiple comments about my friend, stating her and one of the male co-workers are having an affair (they're both married) which is completely untrue. They get along well and have lunch occasionally.

This is just one of the multiple issues I have with her.

She complained about my "texting" obsession. I rarely, if ever, text anyone. She was talking to me one day while I had my phone open because my boyfriend was meeting me for dinner. Once. I was written up because of her obnoxious meddling.

This woman is the most insincere individual. Smiles to your face, talks behind your back.

I'm just exhausted with the amount of **** she's caused and needed to vent.

LoveThyFate LoveThyFate
22-25, F
Mar 29, 2012