I can't tolerate people who think they are all that when they really aren't.  Get over yourself.  Not everyone is going to like you and contrary to what you think we aren't always talking about you. Just get over yourself already, get a life, and leave the rest of us alone so that we can enjoy our self in life.


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LOL me too

What I need is a good spanking...

LOL Ar<br />
<br />
Yes it does DV.

I can't get over myself... I have to live as myself!

LOL i don't sleep as much as you of course.

Well, we have to sleep, don't we? Or at least I do! lol

Hehe, now that person is going to think that we are talking about them 24/7.

Oh, this is about that person we're always talking about! lol<br />
<br />
Seriously, people bug me when they think everything is all about them. I agree they should get over themselves and realize they are sharing this world with lot's of other people, and the vast majority don't even know or care that they even exist.


Hehe trying.

It can be harder to deal with real life people, ay? The nice thing about online communities is that you have time to think whatever you want to write, and perhaps, lessen the impact of our words.<br />
<br />
Hope it gets better for you, Fungirl...don't want you to lose your *fun*.<br />

Mine is real life so not you. LOL not talking about you.

I agree Bellas.

I absolutely cannot stand when someone ALWAYS thinks people are talking/concerned about them. It is one of the main reasons I have just lost a friendship recently.

I try to keep it in check.

im glad its better then..hugs

I know you judge yourself hard. I know that I judge myself extremely hard and I used to tear myself down hard but not as much as I used to do it.

yeah understand..i guess is just that ppl are different..i sometimes judge but know i judge myself harder so... but i know everyone is different

Oh I am not judging anyone directly but generally I have been around a lot of people getting on my nerves lately. It is usually the people that take my time away with my boyfriend. They are the ones that tick me off the most.

ppl are different...better not judge right?