Happy Birthday Me ^^,

I wish all of you here at EP have a nice day.. meaning: you smile through anything :)

I wish I can appreciate more each day given to me, every minute of it...

I wish I can do you people a favor today, so I can put smiles also to your face ^^,

I wish my EP daughter Dazzlingeyes to grow so much with all her talents, she's been a blessing to me :) :) :)

today's my birthday :)
everyone can join me and share this cake and ice creams hehehe

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10 Responses Jul 12, 2010

hey, wait till August 7!!! ^^,

you can give me your birthday cakes. hehe.. i'll eat them all.

lol<br />
someone gave u already a birthday present, princess?? ^^,<br />
i haven't ordered anything yet though lol

my birthday present.. wish i can finish it soon or it will end up as a christmas gift

thank you Merkato! ^^, hey wonder why the cake here is still complete with all of its ribbon too?? lol

I wish you a long life ,a happy birthday , a peace of cake to keep 4 me

lol you think i am a psycho who likes to cut..?? better, no need any knife, just take your spoon and spoon right away from the cake!! :) :) :)<br />
<br />
love ya duckling! ^^,<br />
<br />
*here some cake for your boss*<br />

I heard the sound of knife touching the plate. Arg.. *nerve-racking<br />
<br />
haha! I can also feel that it's already my birthday with your wish ^^, love you momma.

i have to remember, but i guess yes.. actually usually the cake is still in its box, and later when it's cut into slices, the slices are put unto the plates :)<br />

Did you touch the plate with the knike when you cut your cake ?