Wishing In Vain

I have alot of wishes and I know that many of my wishes will never comes true at all. How i wish that one day a lovely sweet gal will gives me her sincere love one day so that all those hurt that i have suffered for these past 3 years will go away. How i wish that one day all my depressions and my anxieties will dissapear and at last I will have this personal happiness that i longed craved for. How i wish that one this injustices that i have suffered for this past 3 years will cease to torment my life. How i wish that one day fate will make the gal who had deceived me in the past, realises how much i had sacrificed for her in the past and how much i loved her. How i wish that one day fate will make her evil black heart realise how much she had did wrong towards me. And how i wish that one day that evil gal will come to her sense and finds me again one day with sincere intentions but then again its just a far fetched wish of mine, as i know deep down in my heart she too will never finds me again. And then again i too know that all those wishes of mine will never ever comes true for me.
yazed yazed
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Why do you keep that evil gal so close to you??? Send her the heck packing!!! She is not worthy of your daily thoughts! You love You. You be just to You. And You realize Your value and your efforts and your sacrifices and your worth. Take stock of You! And appreciate You and honor You. Before you know it, someone of equal value to You, will join You in that honoring, and appreciating, and loving. But as long as you keep that evil black-hearted non-caring woman so near you, she keeps you cold towards You and towards everyone else. Don't you deserve better? I hope some of this makes some sense. I wish you to break free from those chains. Be free. And if not, at least know that it is you who keeps you in prison. It's a big one to swallow, but we won't move forward until we do.