Wishes and Dreams

 We all have them .... our hopes , our dreams , they are all so different and all so original ... isnt it wonderful to be able to dream about  how wonderful life could be ... " if only ..." Well  i tell you ... Prayer and planning can make your dreams become a reality ... A yr ago .. i told my therapist my dream was to become a WWE Diva ... Well she said to me Ya know its a goal ..and its would take alot of hard work but what makes you want that besides the fame ..I told her i wanted that confidence and she said well just because you couldnt make it to the WWE doesnt mean you cant feel like Diva ... Even if the dream Seems  unattainable .. you can always improvise and believe me when you attain one of the steps to your goals ..  your confidence just soars sky high ... So dont give up on those wishes , make them attainable !!!
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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you go girl...