I Wish I Was Her Hair.....

 i love my boo....been sitting and thinking  how much i do.
and to make her smile like me and make her  glad....i'll tell u the thought i just had..
..today i WISH i was her  hair..so on top of her mind i'd sit and care.
.each time im dragged across her  cheek in light ways..my love would grow more a little everyday.
.and each brush stroke that she might  do..makes me stronger and stick to that head like glue.
..and even if pieces of me fall out..i just replace them on her patch down south...
.and when tucked behind her ear...i'd quickly whisper love you's as she  fix's  me in the mirror..
so today my wish is be her hair ..so she better wash it and take good care,
tomorrow i might be her  shoe...i'd be anything i could just to tell her  I love You..

clearclover clearclover
26-30, F
May 15, 2012