I Wish A Better World

I wish to be in a world where each and every one of us was completely aware of God presence in every flower, tree, river, bird , etc... And knew that by creating all these wonders He meant for us to be happy and share it by being kind to one another at every moment of our daily lives. Not to see almost an enemy in a stranger but a friend in every neighbour , in need of love and kindness as much as we need it for ourselves and beyond . It may seem an impossible thing to achieve in our very turbulent world but I believe that if Jesus came to this world to show us the better way of living and gave us the opportunity to live in times of people as Mother Theresa and others that chose helping other as their a way of life, it means to me that we all have the ability to bring out that beautiful gift we all possess. No matter how diverse the world is. In the end , Diversity is the beauty of it in my opinion.
Y1984a Y1984a
26-30, F
Sep 8, 2012