Americans Are Lucky To Not Have To Deal With This

I'm not too familiar with Visa rules. You know, like a working visa or student visa for non citizens. My boyfriend is not a citizen but has applied for his green card and awaiting status. Until his green card is approved, he has to keep renewing his working visa to stay in the U.S. I've only been with him for a year so now that he has to renew his visa again, its a whole new process ive never been through before. Hes leaving next week to canada for his visa interview. It's making me a bit nervous bc he keeps asking what im gonna do with his car and our apt if they dont approve it and he cant come back. I dont think he should have a problem getting approved bc he has a very good job, no bad record, and good credit. I was just wondering if anyone knew how difficult it was to get approved. one part of me is confident he's coming back, but another part scares me that he won't come back and I will lose him. He said it even depends on the mood of the visa interviewer. the interviewer will even reject it if he in a bad mood. I think thats ridiculous and very unfair...but i guess now i realize what non americans deal with every day. you dont realize the hardships of a race until youre in the middle of it. I really feel bad for my boyfriend. how americans treat him, the stress of not being able to come back. its really tough on him. But i'll always be here for him. even if there is a chance he doesnt come back, i will call him every day and ask him when hes coming home lol.

wish us good luck.
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Sep 24, 2012