Wishing For A High Tech Experience..

I wish I could start from the beginning because the thoughts keep going through my mind not knowing if it could have been a good connection; a feeling so indescribable. I want to know if there would have been a high tech mode of dazzling script of words between two unlikely forms. I wish the disappearing act wasn't played out. I guess not responding directly with formatted intentions to explore the possibilities. I wonder do they really exist; words with feelings through high tech. I wish I could experience the electronic waves of endearment across the way of another world; somewhere I never been nor seen. Is it wrong to wish the impossible to connect? I want to feel the extreme current so magnifying in depth of one's mind through key stroking. I wish there was a chance....Don't I wish..

I typed this draft story awhile back; now I am updated it to be posted..My wish came true.. :)

PrivateLegit PrivateLegit
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

You certainly have a way with words, almost like a painting the way colours flow u write in a way that the words just flow. Awsome!