I Wish What I Want To Be Would Be Accepted By People

One time, I was out for dinner with my boyfriend, my Father, my Fathers girlfriend and her son,
We were all sitting aroud the table, waiting to get our food to come when the son asked me what I want to be when I grow up.After a while of thinking about whether I should say it or not I did 'I want to be a farmer' What Dad did next hurt me, alot. He laughed in my face. I don't think he realised it, but it hurt me. All thses years he KNEW I wanted to be one. I've never gace up hope. I'm 15, doing all that I can to get in to farm training. He should support me, yes? Well He doesn't.

Everyone says to me 'Oh Jamie, why do you want to be a farmer?' 'That's so stupid' 'Like seriously why?' 'You could be a model' Well no, I WANT to be a farmer. Everyone tells me I shouldn't, I can't. They don't run my life.

My boyfriend, my mum and my Uncle and my sister are the only ones that seem to have my back about this. My other family members are all telloing me I shouldn't.

For all my life, that's all I've ever wanted to be. I just wish, that when I tell people what I want to be thay wont laugh at me. It's happend to many times.
JLFeathers JLFeathers
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I understand how it feels when people are unsupportive, but all you can do is persevere so that way everyone will know that your serious about achieving this goal and once you make it as a farmer you can laugh at your dad for being unsupportive.