i wish she would stop apologizing. no matter how many tines she apologizes im not going to get over it. im going to be down for at least a week. a month at the most. i dont really know how to get over it. i dont even want to do the things i do. all i got was a slap in the face. nobody told my sister to come with me. and check how on the way there she was complaining about the long walk. and on the walk home she was totaly quiet. until she asked me to carry her. and then she had the nereve to ask me if i was mad at her. hell yes i was mad. and im still pissed.
AnikiMomo AnikiMomo
2 Responses May 21, 2007

Not really clear about the issue here. Is she heavy? How old is she? What do you mean down? Are you hurt?<br />
If it is just your feelings, get over it.

what does u being mad at kitty have to do with me