I Know It's So Cliche-is B...

I know it's so cliche-is but I wish life was a little more simple.  I know then it wouldn't be life but I really do hate how coplicated everything just has to be.  You think you have it all figured out all the way to the happy ending and just when things starting happening just the way you figured, it gets too complicated to even want to start thinking about a different way to do things.
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2 Responses May 21, 2007

well, life is hard and complicated... but it still sometimes goes on smoothly...<br />
you should be thankful somehow for having some hard and complicated stuff in your life, as it makes you grow, makes you stronger and make you appreciate every second of life when it goes smooth...<br />
even when it's too complicated or too hard, there's always a way you van go through, so live it.. and when it ends, you will feel good for passing all the hard, complicated mess you were in :)<br />
either ways, you have to live and go through all the hard or easy stuff in life...

I wish this too.. I mean, I like that life isn't "simple" because it's good to have some pain. It makes you feel alive. But, life doesn't have to be soooo hard.. *sigh*