I Wish I Was Different I Wish People Understand Me This Me What I Do

I wish people stop teasing people who they really are if u don't stop u will hurt there feelings that's not nice if someone is Disable what happened to trust or faith about me I don't care what people say about me so what I'm different this me what I do best at so drop dead because u don't know them what they experience since there hole life about me is I like paranormal even ghost I'm a 100% real psychic I'm not fake this what I do in real life I'm a psychic so what I see dead people asking for help it kinda cool helping people with paranormal troubles about me Im glad be psychic who see ghost every day even night I get used to it of the paranormal why my house used be a trolley station I see shadows I see orbs I see ghost children even nightmares how they died it comes truth I draw dead people what they look like I really want help people about paranormal because some people get scared really easy about me I'm not scared this is me I'm proud be the real psychic I only see ghost only even missing kids spirits that's it in la Jolla San Diego we have 35 spirits that's it :) this is me what I do !
LoveIsShadow LoveIsShadow
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2013