Wish All You Want

remember wish upon a star well i try all the time nothing works, do wishes ever come true I wonder for some maybe maybe i just wish the impossible
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2007

This sounds really corny...but I wished on a shooting star once....it came true but HOW it had to come true was HELL....for every positive there is a negative....you just have to remember that something bad maybe happening...but if you get thru that the good will come out of it. I am sure that my wish had little to do with what happened...in fact I am sure that it was in the works long before I ever made the wish, though when it happened, happened to be the same night I made the wish...thus connecting the 2. Either way....just keep your head as high as you can...nothing interesting happens on the ground!

Have you ever heard that phrase: Wish in one hand, Sh1t in the other; And see which fills up quicker??!!! Yep, excuse me while I wash my Dirty hand!