Knowing Darn Good and Well ...

Knowing darn good and well th at I shouldn't.  I can't help it though.  A lot of times when a "wish" comes true, there' always a "down" side to it, too.  Thus my famous quote:  "Be careful what you wish for."  It can actually be more harm than good.  I've learned that you should always think about the possibilities of the worse that can happen before you wish for something.  It's kind of like the man on the deserted island wished for a million bucks.  He got it, but he couldn't spend it.  or the guy that won the lottery and died the next day.  So, when I wish, I try to do it with extreme caution.  Maybe I just draw bad luck.

silvermystics silvermystics
51-55, F
Jul 15, 2007