I Wish...

I wish to never lose my childhood.
I wish for love.
I wish for an unlimited supply of whatever food I want.
I wish for a darkroom.
I wish for lots of college acceptance letters, especially one from GW.
I wish for my mom to be happy.
I wish for my dog to live as long as she chooses.
I wish for a house in the Welsh countryside, near the coast.
I wish I owned all of my favorite movies.
I wish I could find someone who could stay awake through a showing of all my favorite movies (especially 2001: A Space Oddessy).
I wish for an honest government.
I wish for world peace (I really do).
I wish for the courage to go out into the world.
I wish for french toast.
I wish John Lennon was still alive.
I wish I had a time machine.
I wish opportunities fell into my lap.
I wish men fell into my lap.
I wish I could know the meaning of life and be happy.
I wish I had a whole lot of puppies.
wanderkid wanderkid
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 31, 2007

I love all your wishes. You even wished for some of my wishes - I wish John Lennon were still alive too. Don't just wish sweety, work on them and most of them will come true. Oh, and never give up on your wishes because they're a lot like dreams and yours are good and positive.

I wish you enough.

One or two would do, but thank you :)