Things I Wish For...

I wish we weren't born and raised in different worlds

I wish my family were more open minded and easy going

I wish my family believes in true Love and it doesn't really conflict with what we believe in

I wish they don't care about what people might say

I wish we were from the Same world

I wish we are married

and make you mine and give you all of me , and give myself to the one I have giving him my heart .soul and mind to

I wish I wake up every morning and find you next to me just so i can look at your face...and thank god we are together.

I wish I can tell you that I love you everyday when i wake up and before i sleep

I wish I can hold your hands and let you know that i am here and never leave your side

I wish I can feel you, taste you and smell your hair

I wish I can hold you so tight and feel your arms wrapped around me and make me feel safe

and tell me you love me and hear you say my name

I wish I can have children with you and I wish they are all boys so they have your resemblance

and have your sweet spirit and your boyish smile

I wish i can call you and hear your voice telling me that you missed me

I wish , we weren't so far away , I do really want you more than anything in the world

it breaks my heart that I have control over nothing, that I can't do anything

but i only can pray to god to make it happen

I keep praying , because i don't want to let you go

I don't want a better person

I just Want you, and all I ask, is to love me back

you said you like me alot and that you miss me

and i know in my heart we would be so happy together

and i don't believe anyone else can make you happy and love you the way i would

because I just keep missing you more than ever

I wish we can spend time together , and do things we like

I wish you open up to me when you have a bad day, just like old times

will any of those wishes come true....?

i only could keep wishing for the best....deep down, i know it will happen..

lonesomedove80 lonesomedove80
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2009