Today again am sitting with pen in my hand & paper in front of me breaking all the doors, trying to set my feelings free.

I don’t want to be choosy about the words I want to write nor even want to keep anything in hide, everything inside me I want to say ,for so long I've been trying day after day, thought it would be easy but it's not in any way .

How hard I try to tell you everything that’s inside my heart, I couldn't do so. Words run from me , scary thoughts consume me. I just retreat.

But I know you understand and there is no compulsion of conveying my feelings to you. –

-Don’t you feel- You are the only one I love and need from the bottom of my heart, and life looks so mundane and empty when we don’t remain in touch.

Zillion words I have in my heart to say and all of them are true but why it become so difficult at times to simply say what I want to,I don’t know.

So here I try always to reach to your heart in simple way ..

I don’t have any demand just remember US, quit anything but never leave US.

Even if everything is silenced still know in my heart there beats only one beat and forever I will be in that same Need.

My wishes are always with you, from my heart I love only You....

winterfall winterfall
Aug 27, 2014