Go For the Big Stuff


I wish that one day humans based their decisions without religious influence.

I wish that society would one day understand the value of education and the pointlessness of ignorance.

I wish that people knew what required self reliance and what required government regulation.

I wish everyone knew how to laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time.

I wish we had someone everyone believed in, was who he said he was, and fulfilled all of his promises.

I wish someday the "moral majority" would be right for once and not influenced by the media or politicians.

General fantasy

I wish that vampires and many other creatures of myth existed.

I wish I could become a vampire.

I wish we could exist as vampires for a very long time.

I wish superpowers actually existed.

I wish we would have a great superhero soon.


I wish I could do something to keep her from worrying.

I wish I could fix her problem.

I wish I knew if I could really grow old with her.

I wish we could just throw all this behind us and start a new life together.

I wish I could follow through all my lifetime goals without any trouble.

I wish my wishes would come true tomorrow.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2009

i wish your wishes come true :)