..i Had This

i got this in a message..i wish i had this..

I would tuck him in at night. Alot of times it was more carry him to bed because we had such a good day playing outside, He would fall asleep in my arms in the evening I would hold him for a while then take him to his bed. Many nights I sat beside his bed and watched him sleep. Even fell asleep watching him a few times to. Every day when I would get home from work he would meet at the door. We would always give each other big hugs.I would ask him how his day was. And listen to him explain to me about his day. (4years old) Then I would get cleaned up and sit him on my lap. Shortly there after we would go outside weather permitting and get on the trampoline. The biggest thing he could do at that time was fall down and bounce back up. But he thought it was the grandest thing, And I tried to make sure of that. Just before dark we would go n and have supper. Afterwards he would take a bath. Sometimes he would want to draw pictures. After he would draw them he would tell me what each thing was. Then I would make up stories to go with the pictures. Sometimes we would wrestle and I would let him win. He thought that was the best thing that he could beat dad. Many times on saturday morning we would go outside to eat breakfast on the porch. Then we would go sit down in the dirt and spend the whole day building whatever we could think of.

..sorry i wrote it here but thats really something i wish..and yeah i wish i knew that too:

You should know, what someone having pride having pride in you felt like a long time ago, Know that you are loved dearly, to know that being at home is the safest place on earth because there anyone would have to go through me to get to you, To know that someone is there when you feel bad to hold you and encoursge you, Yes there is disapline. That would be being grounded or a spanking, that is it. To know there is no need to fear the ones that are suppose to love you. Because you know they do and would never hurt you. To know that there is always someone there to talk your problems over with without judgement. All these things you should of known the whole of your life.- ..last night i said i wish he'd kill me back then...i m not so strong..i m sorry..i just try..i just wish too..

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i know..we might sometimes not get what we want but we all need it

its nice to be loved its something we all need .

u do so much already..many hugs*

Angel I wish things had been different for you. You deserve all the things you wished for and so much more!<br />
I wish that I could wipe away your tears, give you (((HUGS))) and tell you how much I love you ... <br />
<br />
I understand how much you would like hear him say he loves you .... I hope you hear that someday too.

i want to feel that he cares..that he loves me..

i really wish sometimes he'd kill me back then...i may even not say this..i dont want to listen anything like in the previous account..but i wish he'd love me..i want to believe so others can believe too,but sometimes i just cant..