Rather Feel My Scalp Than Leave The Worms Feed On My Body

I really had the hell shrieking nightmare about me being bald recently.My parents were against my idea of growing long hairs.They used to always warn me that one day i would wake up only to find no hair in my head & they would have it cut while i was asleep.The night i had this dream i was suffering from fever & the medicines i took were pretty strong enough to put me to sleep instantly.i woke in the night and i felt something itchy in my head.i ran my fingers thru my head only to feel my scalp and i felt like my body was drifting off somehow...i got up and started searching for the mirror but i coudnt find any...i was even afraid to look for the mirror.Finally i opened my mom's make-up kit and managed to get the mirror out of it.till that time i hadnt touched my head for the 2nd time...i looked in the mirror...oh my god!!!i am bald...i am bald...i threw the mirror and it felt on the floor...i just couldnt believe it i went near the broken pieces of the mirror and i again peeked into it...i was there looking at my bald head in all the pieces of mirror...i couldnt do anything i felt maybe it might have been the drug that i used for curing the fever that reacted and i lost my hair.I should contact my parents immediately and i put on the T's and was abt to step put of the door towards my parents i realised "Oh hell no" what if they cut off my hair while i was asleep...i couldnt talk to them...i opened the door of my house took my car,the only person i could talk to is my best friend and i had to talk to him...it was no night mare i looked in my car mirror and ther i was without a strand of hair in my head...i sped my car...i had to reach there immediately.My friend's house is just a few blocks away.I was speeding i forgot i was driving the car and i was looking at the mirror.i felt something approaching from the opposite direction..i didnt realize what it was except for the light which was directly hitting my face...Oh my god it's a truck.i was gonna hit a truck i couldnt do anything...i was thinking that for a moment i was losing my hair and now i am losing my life.my life was the precious thing i couldnt loose.i thought about my parents...i just lost my hair and i could again grow it but what if i loose my life...i wont be affected by it but my parents would...i really cared for them.At that instant,i opened my car door and jumped...there was a long thud...the sound of me falling on my house floor...i woke up...I AM IN MY HOME...I AM IN MY HOME...what more could i wish for,the most beautiful place in the world..i didnt even care to touch my head to feel my long hairs.All i wanted is to meet my parents i heard a knock on my door...Knock Knock...i opened it.it was my mom standing on the door followed by my dad carrying a glass of water for me...i just took the glass from his hand and kept it on the table..i moved towards them and they gave me the most warmest hug i could ever receive in my whole life...everything was normal.I got a goodnight kiss and they went for sleep...i went towards the mirror and it was there which i couldnt find before in my dream.i looked in it.there i was long hairs no bruises,no t's,everything normal just like before i went to sleep...only a slight change there was no fever...i went to sleep peacefully.The morning i woke up early...had breakfast with my parents,met my best friend and straight away went to Saloon to get a hair cut...maybe this was nightmare was a sweet message given by God to understand the value of my life...and the value of love for my parents....
lordrules lordrules
22-25, M
Aug 5, 2010