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It's Hard To Say Goodbye

I know it's hard to say goodbye but I wish you would have done it. It's hard to let go when you never see it coming. I know it's my fault you meant more than you should but if you were ever my friend you think you would have said goodbye  to bring it to an end. I deserved at least that much but hey what is the point of dwelling on the end. It's just hard to say goodbye when the other person dosen't say it back. It just leaves you feeling flat.
sexxydiva sexxydiva 36-40, F 10 Responses Jun 5, 2011

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time heals i lokk back at times in my life and think how to i get thru but in time ya do:)

LOL a prairie man and me I don't know Val.......

Come to Saskatchewan this summer and we will wipe him from your mind...find you a nice prairie man lol

Thanks for sharing FullCircle! Nice poem.

I've been there too; it is so hard. I never knew why, we never said goodbye. It was still with me years later, and I wrote this poem because I still remembered her:<br />
<br />
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I'm feeling a little better but can't seem to forget him as quick as he forgot me.

Thanks Val....I did deserve better but I really don't have any hard feelings just hurt feelings....However I am Sexxy Diva can't hold me down too long.... :-)

Aww hugs to you deserved better treatment..and it is so his loss but I know that doesnt stop the hurt. Thinking of you :)

Well it still bothers me a lot but but Hey I'm a survivor!!! Besides what can you do if someone doesn't like you or care. You gotta move on at some point.

Thanks!! I'm good..