Wish List

this was written a while back.... Tuesday April 8th 2008 to be exact... i thought i should share it


I wish for so many things. Things that could happen, things that some people say have already happened, and things that are impossible. Things that I can control, things that I can influence, and things that are out of my control. There are things I have forgotten to wish for simply because they are things I shouldn't have to wish for. I should have a family that cares about me. I should have a place to go when I'm sad. I should food to eat and water to drink. I should have happiness. I wish I could have these things. I wish I had a caring family. I wish I had somewhere to go when I'm sad. I wish I was happier. I wish I was a more beautiful person. I wish I was perfect. I wish I could please my parents. I wish I could be everything they want. I wish I loved myself more. I wish I didn't have to ask for things to make me happy. I wish I was a better person. I wish people cared more about other people. I wish people loved themselves more for who they are. I wish people were happy. I wish there was no war. I wish things that cause war were never there. I wish the world was a better place. I wish everyone lived forever and were happy living. I wish there was no pain. I wish people didn't suffer. I wish those who starve had food. I wish those who are lost are found. I wish those who are hurt get better. I wish there was no hate, no racism, no sexism. I wish there was no homophobia. I wish people didn't judge people before they know them. I wish I could do more than this. I wish I knew myself. I wish I knew why I'm here. I wish I didn't have to wish for everything. I wish there was no violence. I wish I could tell people everything will be ok. I wish I knew more about the world. I wish I knew what comes after life. I wish I could be less selfish. I wish everything would go right. I'm tired of it always going wrong. I'm sorry for everything I've done, everything I might be doing, and everything I could do. I'm sorry for everything others have done, what they could be doing, and everything they might still do. I'm sorry for causing people pain. I'm sorry for pain I could cause and haven't. I'm sorry for those who have suffered. I wish I could erase the past and change everything I've done. I wish I had been so much nicer to a select few people I outcast to be part of a group. I wish I wasn't scared of love. I wish I hadn't betrayed people the way they betrayed me. I wish I could help people more. I wish I hadn't bled in an attempt to be happy. I wish I hadn't lost a year of my life to that. I wish for so much and get so little. I wish there was more.

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Annual takebacks may not be possible but better lived to.follow are certainly obtainable. Choose to be, and you will be as such, with little effort. Wishing is a way to project missing components and mechanisms we seem to feel we lack. Always look forward, only in adorations should you look back.