Not Your Fault

Its true...
I am a hedgehog at heart. 
If I feel unhappy, threatened, or even just a tiny bit nervous,
I withdraw for a while. 
Go and read a book usually.

Not really ignoring you all - its my problem.  OK?
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51-55, F
5 Responses Feb 5, 2011

Im the same way. If Im quiet, everyone should know I just need to be.

I withdraw also; you must be a thoughtful, introspective and gentle person. I think withdraw is MUCH BETTER and KINDER to others plus it helps us "center" ourselves again. I agree with you so much.

I'm the same. Don't like to be around people when I'm depressed, just like to escape into a book or just knit, knit and knit.

What do you knit? Its a skill I have been unable to master.

I can understand this too. Sometimes we all need time to ourselves, whatever the reason.

I understand :)