I Think The Title Of The Group I Founded Is Too Aggressive.

I founded a group titled, " I think liberals practice self hate" I've decided that the title is insulting and should have been worded differently at the very least.  I don't hate liberals, and I don't think liberals hate themselves.  The very best friends I've ever had are liberal, and I used to be liberal.  I also am aware of the things that liberals have struggled, and even died for. I know that there are people who are better off because of the efforts of liberals.

I just happen to have some old fashion values about patriotism, national defense, abortion, illegal immigration, etc.  At the same time I have some liberal ideas concerning treatment of migrant farm workers, social self help programs, certain unnecessary laws that serve only to fill prisons and create criminals out  of decent people. I believe right wing extremism is just as wrong and dangerous as  left wing extremism.  My position on problems in the middle east  will raise the hairs on the back of a liberals neck! -so would my opinion of "political correctness" being carried to the extreme. I'm sure there are a few other opinions that I hold that liberals would disagree with.

In some of my comments and stories I've reacted rather than responded, and I've defended well known politicians that have seriously been critisized by liberals. I stand by my convictions, but in the future I will choose my words and my battles with more discression.

I realize that some of you could give a rats *** about what I think and that's just fine.  I don't expect any unblocking or "I love puck61 groups" !!!!!!!!!!!

***(not to mention that I'm bipolar and take a pharmacy's worth of medication every day.)

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We had a group who set up tables at our local ***** mall during the height of the town hall brouhaha over the summer. They had huge posters of Obama as Hitler, Grandma, in a coffin, being carted away by death panels, horrible images of concentration camp victims as future "Obamacare" victims. I spoke with the men at the table and pretty much told him what I thought of his scaremongering campaign. Then I shopped, got in my car, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of them get in his car and follow me out of the lot! I drove around in circles for quite a while, and he stayed with me! After a while I just pulled over at a crowded area and so did he, the bastard. I was not about to lead him to my house! He eventually got bored and left. I almost forgot about the whole incident, believe it or not.

Toby, that "call to arms" stuff scares me too! I mean, in a way, its healthy to want different things from goverment and hash out our differences the way we do. Its vibrant, its interesting! But, when they get all territorial and start rattling those sabres, my hackles rise and I start looking around corners for brown shirts and Kristalnacht! If you know what I mean!

Risenpheonix, that's a good way of putting it.

Well said puck. I can agree with you on everything that you said. Neither side, liberal or conservative, is completely right. My wish would be that they both could return to grassroots beliefs, and do what is right for the people. If we don't stand together, we will sure hang separately.

I believe rough times are coming. It could be as bad as you say eventually. I've got kids and grand kids that I fear for.

MosaicMan, Thanks a lot! Now I can be paranoid too!

Well said puck. I'm not familiar with what you have said previously, but I appreciate someone who stands by their beliefs and who tries to make things right by stating their case clearly. I would disagree with you on all of your right wing statements but admire your honesty nonetheless.

For a right wingnut you're ok. Tehre are'nt really nay liberals in the US. The Democrats are more to the right than the oncservative party in Britain. In Ireland all the parites are left wing populists. They would sell thier granny for a vote.

aww. I feel all warm an fuzzy! seriously.

I suspect you are a sweetheart. Old fashioned is good with me! No harm, no foul, Puck.