I Shut Down Quickly

I get away quicker now than ever
Its a new approach why continue to go at something thats negative
I withdraw myself in a instant no questions asked
I shut down what is shut down just what it says
I cannot explain how I do it but I know its a "mind thing"
I can shed some light on where I feel it comes from "pain"
I have been hurt so bad so long I shut down simply put
very few situations matter to me once this happens ( so it seems)
I can convincingly say that what ever situation brought this on is most likely off my mind
as far as pressing to make it happen
I rather shut down and be happy than to spend time angry and frustrated and my body all tents.
I avoidd as much as possible confussions, why confusions bring anger and if you get hostile and frustrated
you may miss something important remaining calm is the key to withdrawing
Withdrawing allows me to control my situation actions and responds verse going at it and flying
off the handle. I avoid that if at all possible I try to live peaceable. Shutting Down is awesome
I love it , it works well for me.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

living peaceable is awesome, free from anger,hate,envy,strife, from negative thinking..<br />
someone with the spirit of God must truly live peaceable.

Let all the people say,"Amen!"