whenever i get in a bad mood or something, i withdraw!! i just find that its the best way to deal with things when im in a bad mood is to just withdraw from everyone and everything!!! im not your usual person that will moan or complane, i just withdraw!!!
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I know, it is much better, it causes less troubles and allows one to think and get back to being happy , it's too bad that one can't do that always.

That's what I'm doing right now! :)

; )


i know what you mean *floydess* i have met many moaners in my time, and they are not very pleasant!!! lol

lol, ive never known for anyone to start drawing when they are angry!! interesting!! lol

I don't withdraw but I love to draw. I sketch up a storm when I am angry and will it to come to life and bring storms to whomever I am angry with at that moment lol.