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Lately I spend more time on EP than corresponding with my real life friends. It's not EP's fault. Before that I barely corresponded with anyone. This has been going on for almost a year.

I have emails from friends that I haven't responded to for several months. My inbox piles up. I don't answer calls. I didn't touch facebook for several months, leaving friend requests hanging. The longer it goes, the harder it gets to reconnect.

On the other hand, I still hang out with my handful of local friends and when I go out with them I'm outgoing and social and fun to be around. It's not that I'm faking with them. When I'm with people I am just more relaxed and in the flow of being a normal person.

I'm trying to fix this. I just went and caught up on facebook. It felt good to admit to people that I'm unemployed and not sure what I'm doing. I still have emails I need to return, but I don't feel like writing them.


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4 Responses Nov 30, 2008

I wouldn't think there is anything wrong with that my friend. EP offers a different kind of friendship - a place where you can be you without any potential hangups.<br />
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I'm a lot like you in that social medias such as FB are (to me anyway) temporary. You get a friend request from an old friend, you do your "catching up" and then it's back to being silent. Once I got on FB, I reconnected with tons of my old friends from eons ago, I caught up with them and now only every now and again will we talk. It's the way it works.<br />
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On EP on the other hand, I think the relationships you develop here are of a different sort. EP gives you the opportunity to match you with other similar and like-minded people whereas Facebook is all about looks or location or history.<br />
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I'm interested to see if you get back to your emails or you let them still sit. Keep me posted brother.

It's funny how something so complicated as divorce can be announced just by: "Underneath changed her relationship status to single". But yeah, I'm like you... I'd opt for the hope no one notices thing. The people who really care already know. And the rest can ask about it when they notice your maiden name has changed and you start posting pictures of your kick-*** single woman adventures.

Ugh you just reminded me of facebook. I still havent told anyone on facebook that I'm getting divorced. Those are people from high school and college, who I would never talk to if facebook didnt exist. I hate facebook. Why am I even on the damn thing? Can I just change my last name back to my maiden name and hope no one notices?

Good point. I guess in a way, EP is like training wheels for socializing.