I Saw A Man Beaten to Death and Nothing Was Done.

About a month ago I went to Turkey for a wedding. My cousin was marrying a girl from Turkey and they were going to have the wedding there. I believe we were in Istanbul and wow was that place beautiful. It was my first time in a different country and so I felt like a complete newbie. We planned to depart in a week so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and explore the country. I soon realized that I didn't speak the language and had no idea of what I can do there.

Luckily there were guys from the bride's family that spoke English very well and wanted me to hang with them. Altan, one of the guys wanted to go to his place for drinks. I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to go see anything cool, but at least I can learn a bit about the customs there. As I enter the neighborhood that Altan lived in, I felt very alarmed. I asked about the area and everyone said that this part of Istanbul is filled with drug trafficking, gang-violence, and is pretty run down. They assured me that I would be okay if I was with them.

We had some drinks and wanted to get more. Altan said someone needs to go down to the corner shop to get more. I think it was because I wanted an adventure, and the alcohol that made me volunteered to do it. It all seem very stupid now, but at the time I wanted to show them and said I wanted to go alone. The store was just down the street so it was no big deal.

I got snacks and drinks, had a hiccup with paying the cashier, but he was very nice and helped me out. On my way back I noticed a group of guys standing across the street calling out to another guy on a mo-pad type bike. The guy on the bike stopped immediately to start saying something back. There was someone else behind him and because that guy stop so abrupt, this other guy had to swerve to get out of the way. He managed to avoid hitting the mo-pad guy but ended up bumping shoulders.

The guy started making some apologetic gestures towards the first guy and started to move his bike on. Before he could get far. The first guy ran up to the second guy and pulled him out of his bike. He looked extremely angry and threw the second guy to the ground. He was now holding that guy down by his neck. I can see the group of guys cheering and yelling in Turkish. I didn't know what they were saying, but from their hand gestures I could tell they wanted their friend to beat this guy.

It was obvious that these guys were in some street gang in the area and at this point I just kind of froze in place. They all ran up around the defenseless guy on the ground and started beating and kicking him violently. I can hear him scream and cried, so did everyone on that street. No one did anything, I'm sure everyone else was as scared as me. These ruthless dogs just pounded the life away from this poor man. I was across the street from them and I could hear bones cracking. It was the most dejected and despairing thing I have ever witness.

After awhile they all moved back and started joking and laughing at the lifeless body on the ground. This guy was covered in blood, laying in his own pool of gore. I was so stunned and shocked. I've seen violence in movies, but never thought that this can happen. It was so surreal and I was just so astonished by it all. I wanted to go check on the guy to see if he was alive, but those thugs were still there. They just beat a guy like a dog for just bumping into them so If i were to even make eye contact.. I couldn't do anything to help that guy on the ground and everyone else on that street just pretended they didn't see anything.

For a moment I just stared.. but when one of the thugs looked towards me, I just turn the other way and started walking. After 5 seconds I sprinted back to Altan's place. I felt sick and disgusted with the situation and everything. I went into the bathroom and vomited a few times. I teared up a bit, pretty strange for an adult to cry, but it just had me horrified. I eventually told Altan and everyone what happened, Altan was surprised by it, but he just said to keep quit about it since he still has to live in the area.

I wanted to call the police and reported this to the authorities, but Altan and his friends wouldn't allow it. They said that the police in the area were involved with the local gang. They told me that if the gang had any idea that I was a witness trying to get them arrested, they would respond by harming Altan and people I know. I didn't want to jeopardize Altan so I kept my mouth shut about it.

A few days later the guy's death was in the local paper and according to it: no one knew who was responsible. This made me so mad. That whole street saw what happened to him and yet no one did anything. I was also disgusted with myself for not being able to do anything. I didn't want to risk getting Altan in trouble. We were leaving the next day and so I just tried and forget about the whole thing. These thugs murdered a man in broad daylight with people watching and they got away with it. Every time I think about this it makes me sick to my stomach and extremely angry that nothing can be done.
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Unfortunately there are many parts of the world that this sort of disregard for life is what is normal. I am not sure what to suggest other than to ask you to think about what would make you handle the situation better?

OMG! That's so horrible. I so so Sorry.

Oh wow!! I can't even begin to imagine what that would have been like. That's so f*cked up that that happened & nothing was done. I'm sorry you had to see that.

They guys would have killed you if you got involved there wouldn't have been a thing you could have done and around them type of area's police are involved in a lot of crimes.
There is nothing anyone could have done and that man shouldn't have been beaten to death no but you never no his background or what he was himself. the people you were with could have also just been apart of it and if you told it could have put them in danger. it can go 2 ways and no one knows what one's what way. but i say its good to stayed out of it plus if it was the mans day to die you coudnt have saved him anyways people die when there times up.

That's kinda how it is where I live, so I feel you...

While it's horrible to see things like that, try not to trouble yourself too much. You were a visitor, alone and didn't speak the language. You were pretty much as helpless as the guy they murdered and had you tried to do something they would have killed you as well. Sometimes in life there are things we are not to get involved in, and for you this is one of them. Just thank the Good Lord you lived to tell about it. I think you were brave enough just to stand there and watch the whole thing.

Hey, I just saw a news article about a woman visiting Turkey who was reported missing and found murdered. I remember seeing your story and I rushed to find it and make sure it wasn't you in some trouble there. Thankfully you logged in today so I feel much better :) Glad you're safe.



Thanks. yeah that nytimes story is pretty disturbing.

Hell of a welcome to the real world, but, it lets you see and smell what is behind the stories on a dispassionate piece of paper.

You were very wise. If the Police themselves in that district are corrupt, there is not much that an ordinary citizen can do, especially a foreign visitor. The Turks themselves need to root out the corruption to solve the problem

Your story is so intense! There is so much violence on television you feel practically immune to it. What a shame you had to experience such a horrible thing. I am truly sorry! :(

Gross... I take my "Wooo" partially back, only partially.

that's so crappy >.<''

That's Horrific!!