Woman In Wet Clothes

I have witnessed lots of woman swimming fully clothed at the beach i go to in Sydney, i know every day that i go to the beach i will surely see woman swimming fully clothed it quite common at this beach. Which is one of the reasons i go to this beach and it make me comfortalbe when i go swimming fully clothed.

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what beach is it and how often do you seem women swiming in their jeans?

My wet clothes fetish started when I was 8 yrs old..I was at the lake with jeans on an a boat was pulling into the cove an behind the boat was the best site I have ever seen in my life..a female in a jeans short sleeve shirt an a tight pair of jeans water sking.it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen..to this day I still remember seeing those jeans an shirt shine like they had light on them..no some years later..like 30..we talked about that day an she remembered it too..cause I was on jeans up to my crotch watching her...

I live near the beach here in England, and as summer is not far away now, I can look forward to many dressed swims, and lots of women also in the sea with their clothes on. Have fun.

i wanna go to that beach now :)

Some form of depression has hit me,I don't even feel like swimming.have'nt been in the water for quite a while now.I should stay away from the beach now.I know next week will be better.Enjoy your swimming.I am fortunate I can cycle to the beach,about 15mins cycle.Lock my bike,swim with my clothes on,get back on the bike and ride back-all uphill !!!!

I just got back from the beach and i also went yesturday, I enjoyed myself yesturday i wore my long lycra stretch pants and a satin blue polo shirt. <br />
Today the weather was warmer, but the air is still cool, i wore a pair brown jeans and a jumper. But i did not enjoy myself as much. And the reason for that is because it is low tide when i get to the beach i don't have a car so i am travelling two hours on public transport to get to my beach and they have just completed construction work at the beach, there was a spot at the beach i used to call me own, but the construction people took it away.<br />
But i am swimming every day and i am going again tomorrow, i can tell you one thing i am getting alot of exercise and you body is getting stronger i can feal it.

Yesterday I was the only person in the sea but I enjoyed it very much.The other was the surfers wearing full wetsuits.I was in my favourite skinny stretch denim jeans and nylon/lycra shirt.I agree that loose baggy clothes can be dangerous and restrict movement.Also I tried the thick denim jeans to swim with but after 4 laps in my 10m pool I was dead tired where I can do an easy 12 with my trusty stretch denims.Under water a thick wooly woody is fine but once you try and get out it is horrible,feels like it pull you back.it is so stupid that swimming with clothes is not accepted by the community.Also in our currency to make comparison-to buy cheap Chines import jeans cost R50 (about $7 ) and a proper swimming trunks R80 (about $11).The jeans I wear every day to work on car/gardening and of course swimming but swim short only for swimming-so it does not make sense.Only my face got sunburnt yesterday,I did not plan to stay that long but the tide was coming in and it is nearly spring tide so I had lots of FUN.I might have skin cancer on my head already because some patches hurt when I am wearing a cap.I hope not.

I have been to the beach everyday last week and today i just came back from a swimming in my clothes. The weather has been very good the last couple of days. Since the beginning of Spring in September there has not been a lot of sunny days, but the last two days have been bring sunny days. <br />
The only part of my body that gets burnt in the sun is my face, it is the only part of my body that is not covered. <br />
But the funny thing is people have been looking for an answer to the skin cancer problem, they have tried sun screen, they tell us to put on a hat, slip on a shirt, but they want tell people to swim full clothed because they think that it is unsafe to swim in clothing.<br />
But i have been swimming in my clothes pretty much all my life and i can swim quit well. But then if you look at the majority of the world, people do swim in there clothes, some people do it because there religion tells them that they have to. Then there are the other people who are to shy to show there bodies in public and go swimming in there clothes.<br />
And most of these people live in the most hottest part of the world, but yet they do not have a skin cancer problem. The problem is only in the western countries like Australia and the US.<br />
I lost a school friend almost 2 decades ago now, he went to the beach one day with his family he was walking around the beach and in the water with out a shirt. A few months later the doctors fonud Melinoma in his skin, but by the time they had found it the cancer had spread all over his body and there was nothing the doctors could do. He died in 1992 age 21.

You lucky fish ! Nobody here on the beach by me.It is not accepted by this community.Much better swimming with clothes-My dad is now 80 years old and had to operations already to remove patches of skin cancer on his back,he liked to walk naked and sun tanning naked ens where I am the opposite,I like swimming with shirt/jeans.