UGHHH Stupid People I Swear!

it was so Horrible..i was Laying on my parents bed and The Tv was on..i Was Falling asleep until i Heard a man commenting on a Story the News Reporters where about to say..well i woke up fast and it was about a Lady From Ecuador and She Actually in her iNSANE MIND Beat a Baby..he was 2 years old..he is STILL CONSIDERED A BABY!..and She Beat Him with her Bare Hand..after she Threw him on the Ground [[ROCKS!]] u Could See Cuts on his Poor Body..afterwards She Cleans him..she Takes Shampoo and Just went insane with it she put shampoo on his eyes everywhere then she took Dirty Water and was Actually Trying to Make him Drink it...So He Could Die or something..i SWEAR TO EVERYTHING..iF i Was RIGHT THERE i Would FREAKiNq KILL HER...i HATE HER SO MUCH AS I WRITE THIS..>WELL The Police Found out because a Neighbor Recorded This...The Police came Really Fast and Saved the Poor CHild...The CRAZY THING WAS..>THAT WAS NOT HER CHILD!..she was a Fu*KiNq BABiSiTTER!...She BEAT THE BABY! He Was Really Injured..Then she claims it was Because she's CRAZY!...THAT BIT(H iS NOT CRAZii SHE A STUPID **********! SOrry For Cursing i Really Dont Curse At ALL..but she Pissed me OFF....

ThANKFULLY The Baby is Alright..and that LUNATIC B!TCH iS in Jail for 15 Years!..

i Hope she Rots and Dies in there..ughh she such a Hood Rat man..

How could you Do that to a Innocent Baby Man...

SourLove SourLove
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Yeah, that is really bad, if she knew she had that kind of anger, she should have never worked with children.

In that moment, the babysitter thought she was doing right. Not defending her, just saying that crazy people often think they are as right as we think we are.

whoa. talk about **** happening. things like this remind everyone to lock their doors and peep out suspiciously eh? i can't understand the drive ppl have to hurt innocent babies/kids. being sick/psychopathic doesn't quite cut it for me. to hurt another grown person, yeah i might understand, and even relate, but little innocents who haven't hurt anyone yet. geez. i hope the baby's in good hands now.