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I got my fair share of spankings from my mother when I was growing up. Most of the time, my sister and I got in trouble together and would both get spanked. I hated watching her get spanked, knowing that I would be next! Not only did I witness my brother and sister getting spanked, but I saw one of my cousins get a bare bottom spanking once. I'll post more about that later.

I didn't like getting spanked when I was a kid, but I was always curious about spankings. I always paid close attention to others as they talked about their spankings (still do), but I am usually too embarrassed to talk about mine.

Please share your experiences of seeing others get a spanking!
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So, why are you embarrassed?

We were very seldom taken upstairs it took place where we were confronted in the living room, most of the time. several times in the kitchen and mother or dad believed in taking us to a public bathroom or back to the car to get the point across. A friend came over one day and my sister was getting hers and she was a drama queen and made it sound worse, as I was leaving not know she was there I was told not so fast, seeing I was apart what took place I was to go in , well as dad finished up, I was next he put the paddle down and motioned me to take my skirt up and panties down and go across his lap I laid there as mom told me that I was apart of my sisters doings and I was older and should have stopped it. He always warmed up the bottom and so did mom when she spanked by creating heat by rubbing it first and then the spankings began. It was a longer one and I was crying and kicking which add several but when I came out my friend told me she hoped it did not hurt she could count them and at least I did not get the belt like she did. I got the point to tell when she was up to no good.

I forgot then second story. This time it was my wife's younger sister and their cousin both of whom were about 16 at the time. My wife's mom rented a beach house near Ventura, CA for a couple of weeks in the summer of '85. I drove up from Pasadena to hang out with them for the weekend.

On the second night I was there her sister and cousin met some guys at the beach and ended up leaving with them. Her mom didn't know they had left with those guys. We were supposed to go to dinner that night and when they didn't show up her mom started getting worried. My wife and I went looking for them in my truck and her mom went looking for them in her car. This was a pain because this was before the days when everyone and every kid has cell phones. If we didn't find them we were to meet back at the house at 7:30. Not finding them we headed back. I got back to the beach house first and when I pulled up there was a Ventura County Sheriffs car in front of the house with my sister and cousin in the back of the car. Turns out the guys they left with got pinched for having alcohol. They would have been cited but since they had two female minors with them and they were assuming that alcohol was being provided to them the deputies made a bigger deal about it. So they hooked up the guys and took my sister in law and her cousin back to the house.

My wife's mom was stressed out when she saw the deputies and thought the worst but when she got the whole story she was pissed. The deputies said the girls didn't do anything seriously wrong but the situation they were in was not good and that they used some bad judgement leaving with those guys.

We went inside and her mom freaked out. I knew the girls were in for it so I went out on the balcony and listened to my sister in law and her cousin get their butts whipped. My wife came out shortly after the I did and we could here everything. I tried to appear aloof about it but I was listening to every swat. My sister in law cried but not until she got quite a few wacks but my wife's cousin cried out on every swat and balled her eyes out. I have to admit I wanted to see it. But hearing it was almost as good. What a couple of little *****. Sometimes that story come up and we still laugh about that day. We we do her sister and cousin don't think its that funny to remember.

Lol poor things. Any idea what kind of spankings they were getting? Like hand or brush or something, clothed or bare etc?

They got the belt. As far as if it was bare I don't know. My mother in law was known to make them drop their pants but at that age it was usually on their underwear. I remember the girls wearing shorts when the deputy let them out of the car and they would have had bathing suits on under so they probably got it on their bathing suit bottoms. I didn't witness it first hand just heard the *** tanning as it was going down.

Spanking was a pretty normal experience around me growing up. That was how my family disciplined us. I saw many of my cousins spanked when we were younger and my brother and got spanked in front of each other a couple of times growing up. I hated being spanked. It hurt like hell and it was embarrassing when we were older so I never enjoyed the experience. However, I liked hearing about other people's spankings especially if they were females.

Two witnessed spankings that are most memorable to me barely qualify as actually seeing it happen. One makes them memorable to me is that they are spankings admisitered to teenage girls. One was a single but hard warning swat to my girlfriend (who I'm married to now) the other was an actual belt whoopin to her younger sister and cousin while on Vacation.

The first one was my wife and her sister arguing in the kitchen over who was supposed to unload the dishwasher. The usual sister arguments but it starts getting heated. Her mom yells from the other room that it's my wife's job and she has to do it before we can leave. My wife argues more and its starts going back and for the between my wife and her sister again. I don't remember why this was going on but my wife had walked into the dining room from the kitchen still arguing with her sister. She has her back to me as I'm sitting in the family room waiting for her. My wife is 16 at the time and her sister is 14 or 15. So the argument was a lot of teenage girl dramatics. Out of nowhere her mom walks past me and walks up behind my wife and give her one hell of a swat on the *** with her hand. Right in front of me. I was like wow! I can't believe what I just saw. My wife yelped and jumped grabbing the seat of her Levi's. Her mom ordered her to get in there and unload and load the dishwasher or she wasn't going anywhere. My wife scooted past her mom covering her butt with one hand like a 10 year old girl. She didn't look at me or say anything she just got to work but was slamming things around because when was mad. Her mom hears this stops right in front of me and say's " %(@a M8$&2/3 C82#$;:$) If I hear you break anything I'm going to bust your butt" right in front of me. My wife responded with something to the effect of "oh please" and her mom stormed back in the kitchen with a raised voice and saying "do we need end your night right now and take a trip to the bedroom?
" she was all yes mam no mam after that. Her mom then apologizes to me for the commotion. Believe me I had some questions for my girlfriend after that. It wasn't much of a witnessed spanking but my mind was running wild on what it could have been.

My dad was never in the picture so my mom spanked me on my hands but I had many spankings by aunts and uncles on the bare with belts, wooden spoons, and hands. I always hated spankings but now I can't wait to get a spanking. My fiance spans me with a belt and a pale on my bare butt..

I don't rly care if I get spanked. I get in trouble all the time so I'm used it.

I too hated being spanked or strapped as a kid, I too was curious and loved watching others being punished. As an adult I craved corporal punishment but I was always to shy to broach the subject with my girlfriend. One day after a little wine I brought out a strap similar to the one used on me years ago. I told her that I would like 12 across my bare bum. She was surprised but agreed to play along and now she enjoys administering discipline to her naughty boy. Also to my great delight she likes being spanked as well.

Hi there so u said u didnt like getting spanked as a kid but it xcites u as an adult right have u been spanked as a adult now n if u did u enjoy it ?

i often feel confused i had my bare bottom smacked hard frequently as a child and i would always be scared at the thought of it happening but now as an adult i really want my partner to spank me is it normal

i also get embarrased about getting spanked i was often spanked on my bare bottom and i remember it hurting alot

She was not wearing PE outfit, as they went from study hall. Those jeans with the 2 zippers in front was what she was wearing that day---they were popular back in the 70s.

Very interesting post. I have plenty to relate with you as a pro spanking dad etc.

Lol! Thats cute :) Well do u get spanked now if so please share ty Spnkbooty

Mother spanked us. Dad never did. I am not embarrassed talking about it. It's been to long ago and I would agree that I deserved each and every one of them.

I didn't see many spankings as they were actually happening--a couple of neighbor boys, but guys getting spanked never interested me much (naturally!). Girls on the other hand.....Darlene, my gf when I was in college was a senior at District 3 HS here in Spartanburg, SC, and the paddle was still very much in use in 1977 (still is). We dated about 2 years, so we got to know each other very well ,and she was the first girl I ever had intercourse with. She had been paddle once in elementary school---just 2 swats in 6th grade. But here she was a senior, and her study hall had gotten disruptive one day and the whole class had to take detention for 2 weeks, including Saturdays. They didn't have ISS in '77, but that's basically what it was, except you had to stay late, AND come in on Saturday mornings. Well, Darlene and some others practically revolted and told the principal they didn't deserve 2 weeks of detention because a teacher couldn't control his classroom. He then gave them a choice of 10 paddle licks or the detention. She told me that all the boys and most of the girls took the paddlings. I was allowed to drive her to and home from school by this time, so on the way home she described in vivid detail everything that had happened just about 2 hours earlier. They weren't paddled in the office, and the principal didn't administer the licks: the girls were marched to the auditorium (which was the gym, and a stage in front for special programs). They went onto the stage and there were two women holding long, wooden school paddles. One by one, the girls were told to bend over what she said looked like a padded sawhorse. We had similar things in gym class that were used for gymnastics, but it also looked like the things they put on the track for the runners to hurdle. Darlene didn't say why there were 2 "paddlers", but when her turn came, she said the first few weren't that bad. "The sixth one really stung, and after that it was a blur." The woman who dod the paddling started kind of slow, but after the first 4, she laid the licks on faster, and by the end of it, Darlene said she could barely catch her breath. She didn't cry--Darlene would NEVER let that happen. She was 5'8", a member of the dance team and played basketball and volleyball. She wouldn't be caught dead shedding tears from a paddling from a WOMAN! ;-) But she did say "that woman really burnt her up good,", and since we were very close by this time, she showed me the damage. Two round bruises, the one on the right cheek slightly larger than the one on her left. Her but was still a little red, but I'm sure it had been a lot redder 2 hours before. Still, she said "It's still stingin'" and she still felt the burn the next day. The bruises lasted almost a week. But she made it a point to pass by the study hall teacher's room and let him know she wouldn't be doing detention with him. I'm amazed that girl didn't get another spanking for her attitude!

Very interesting thanks.

That is a superb account of a wonderful old style ritual paddling. The vaulting horse was a great touch, it was used in that way at our school too.

New here hi all; When I was younger I had a large family move in next door. It was nice to have neighors again but it was all girls but one boy who was closed to my age 12 The mom was stay at home and thier father was a tugboat capt so he was away alot. Now I was spanked by my mom not a lot my dad wasn't home much either so she did most of the spankings when needed. Now there were 6 girls 16 to 10 and Mike who was 11 I was over one Friday that stands out to this day. Mary 16 deb 14 Bonnie 13 Geri 12 her twin Colleen 12 and Kathy 10 and Mike well it was about the time report cards were handed out in school. Barbie came into the front room where we were watching TV. She told the kids we have some punishments tonight to do. I told Mike good-bye it was time to exit. But Barbie told me to stay put that I was there friend and they did it to me as well. Plus I was a bite scared of her so I just watched kelp my mouth shut. She called each girl up and then Mike.

Mary and Deb and Colleen were the ones who got real bad grades so they will be punished tonight.

They were sent to the showers to return only in there PJ's None I watched very quite each take turns going over there mother knee each pulling down there PJ pants and there mother paddle each and yes each were crying by the end. They were grounded for 2 weeks and I knew they would get it again when there father came home. The next day I asked Mike who or what happen to him and the others Mike told me he was spared any punishment because he got B's and Cs this time. But his other sister all got paddled the next morning and he said when his Dad gets home this Sunday they will be getting the belt from him. They were my neighors until I left and I saw a few more eye opening spankings but the 1st one was the 1st one.

Thanks again for having a place to share.

Sounds like a teenage boys wildest dreams come true. What did the paddle look like?

It's not fair. Boys in our family were never bare bottomed spanked but we always were. They always got enjoyment from watching us & we just had to be pissed and embarrassed.

me and my best friend witenessed each others spankings and we still remember the biggest ones but mostly i would see my father spanking my brother (Jordan) for the biggest of things like, hitting or breaking stuff of value. so yes i have seen others like you and recieved them too

interesting he got spanked for hitting and now he's getting hit

I have also a younger sister I when we were both getting a spanking I had to wait. then it was my turn. One timeI was around 10 my mom was about to stop spanking my sister, I ran and hid from my mom. it made it worse when my mom found me she ******** my bottom and she spanked me all over, on my thighs I was so red and sore I had steam on my bottom.

when I wore shorts or a dress you could tell I got spanked. it was sore and red for a couple days. I learned my lesson after that I never did hide from mom again.

Hi people,i was in the same boat as all of you,infact i'f there was a prize given i would've won 'Most spankings in a year' 5 or 6 years running,lol. I was naughty & did deserve everyone,its good we can all relate to each other & compare our childhoods,none of which seem to be much different from any others.I'm happy to talk anytime i'm online,just give me a shout, Kate.x

You were raised so differently from me. I was never spanked but was always threatened with spankings and strappings. Anti-climatic, right? Anyways, I'd love to chat... hope you'll accept my friend request.


I am also a woman who was raised with frequent bare bottomed spankings and as the oldest I had to wait and watch my sister crying as her fanny turned red, knowing I was next!

I'd love to be friends and share more with you or others who were raised with spankings.


That's funny, as the oldest I always had to go first & got the longest spankings.

Hi Tandjt,

your story is very similar to mine. I got a lot of spankings from mom, and my sister and brother got too. Being spanked two or three at the same time (well, one after the other) was not an usaul scene at home. My feelings were exactly the same that yours. I don't liked being spanked of course, It hurted to much and I cried a lot, but I've been always curious and fascinated about it, specially when not was my poor little bare bottom receiving a good hiding. I received my last spanking at 16, but i continued seeing my little brother and my cousins spanked for a couple of years, and I started enjoying soon. I too developed a spanko fetish, and I start liking giving and receiving spankings.