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When I was ten my mom married a man who had two sons by a previous marriage. One of them was my age and the other a year older. My stepbrothers didn't live with us, but we spent a lot of time together, including vacations. This was in Texas in the '70s, so spanking was still pretty much the default punishment for most parents and my step-dad was no exception. He was real old school and whenever me or my one of my stepbrothers got into trouble he used the belt on us. Most of the time he would take the offending kid into one of the bedrooms so that the other two could hear the punishment being administered but not see it. None of us was too stoic, so we all got an earful. Lots of crying and pleading, even when we were in our teens. My step-dad's usual method was to make us lower our jeans and underwear and then lie face down on the bed. Hearing one of my stepbrothers get a whipping was always real dramatic and frightening. My heart would be pounding a mile a minute while it was happening. I didn't much like either of my step-brothers, but I didn't dislike them enough to want them the get whipped. But I have to admit that it was sort of exciting too. My step-dad whipped hard, so you couldn't blame the kid on the receiving end for putting on quite a performance.

But if I got into trouble with my stepbrothers, then I got to see the others get whipped, but at the price of getting a whipping myself. That happened several times over the years, the last time when I was 14, so my oldest stepbrother would have been 15.. I was basically a quiet kid who was desperate to do anything to avoid a whipping, but my stepbrothers were both hell raisers who were always getting into trouble and I often found myself caught in the middle, with terrible consequences for my rear end. For example on vacation I would be in the back seat with the two of them who were always punching and provoking each other. I would try to keep out of it, but somehow it always seemed to end up that all three of us were roughhousing, which meant that when we arrived at our motel, my mother would beat a quick retreat to the restaurant while my stepd-dad whipped all three of our butts in our room. Once again, this was Texas in the '70s, so the sound of kids getting spanked in motel rooms was not at all uncommon. Whipping three teenaged boys, one right after the other, must have been exhausting for my step-dad, but he always did a good job, making sure we all ended up with sore red butts and tear stained faces. To put it mildly, it was real intense. Watching my step-dad tear up the butt of one of my stepbrothers, knowing that I was going to be next was terrifying. And taking a whipping while the other two were watching me twist and squirm  to avoid the belt, while crying and pleading for mercy, was about the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me.

My stepbrothers are now both married with kids and I know for a fact that my oldest stepbrother is just as strict a father as my step-dad was. Several times I have heard him refer to spankings he administered to his sons, and I can't help remembering the times I saw him get his own bottom blistered while he cried and squirmed. Looking back, I smile when I think about it, but it was hell at the time.
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When you got it in the motel room did dad call each one up and had each one drop his pants and boxers and bend over for the spanking? Did all three of you cry during the spanking and afterwards and did mom never see you spanked by dad?

How many times a year did you see your step brothers spanked? Were they also spanked by their mom when not at home with dad?

I was not listening to my caregivers this evening and I just got the worst spanking I have had since being in care. My caregiver told me to go and start to get ready for bed and when he said that we were all watching TV and I said I just want to see the last part of my cartoon and he said "no it is time to go and get ready for bed" I got up but stood in front of the TV and was trying to make it look like I was going to go and get ready for bed. He saw me get up and he thought that I was going to go and get ready for bed but then he looked at me and I was watching my cartoon and he said "what did I just tell you to go and do" I just stood there and watched my cartoon. I looked out of the corner of my eye and I saw him get up and start to walk over to me and as he did he pointed to his wife to the cupboard and I said "I'm going and he said "well it is a little to late as I told you like almost 10 minutes ago and I saw my caregiver coming back to were I was and he was and she handed him the paddle and he grabbed me and took me by my arm and took me to my room and then he took off my pants and my things that I got put on me after I got a spanking before dinner for not listening and at that time he also noticed I had wet my pants so they put me in a diaper after I got spanked before dinner so when we got to my room he took off my pants and diaper and put me over the knee and I got spanked with the paddle and then she came in after I got my punishment and said you have to wear diapers to bed so lay on your bed and I will put one on and then you get these on and then come on out and we are going to have a talk. So I got my jammies on and went out and the talk that I just had with my caregivers is that tomorrow when my caregivers husband is at work and I'm at home with her and she is doing stuff to help me with my ADHD and I do not listen she will make a check mark on a chart and if I have check marks in the things she is doing with me like reading and puzzles and sitting still at lunch and not getting up from the table like I do a lot and not eating and whining and stuff then for the check marks on the chart when my caregivers husband is gone and when he comes home and if he sees that I did not do what I was asked or not listened or stuff then I will be getting the paddle if it is really bad and if it is not so bad then it will just be the belt but it will still be on my bare bottom and if it does not require to be spanked but they think I still need to be taught then I will have to sit in the punishing spot for 1/2 hour and they have both warned me that my caregiver will be if needed while he is at work she is allowed to place me in the punishing spot in the day time and if I fight her I will be in my restraints in my bed if I do not listen or stay in the punishing spot and then if he hears that had to happen then I will be paddled for the next 3 days when he gets home from work.

My cousin and i were almost always spanked together right after bath time, so got used to being seen whilst getting one.

Thanks for sharing this great story...i always had spanking like these and im still getting spanked until now..

Don't feel bad. I got my last whipping when I was nineteen. These things shall pass.

I saw my brothers spanked and they saw me spanked. Crying and pleading made no difference. There was no let up until you had had what mum or dad believed you deserved, but we were only whacked together if we had been naughty together, otherwise it was a private encounter between a hand, slipper or cane and my bare bottom.

I'm a twin so me and my brother always got into trouble together. I have witness many an humiliating spanking and recieved just as many. We cried too and my mom was the same way about not wanting to hear us she always left it up to our dad. My dad was a serious spanker, didn't matter what he used, even his bare hand had us crying and unable to sit! He spanked us until my brother was 17 and I kept being stupid and got it till 18.

How often a year between the ages of 12-17 did you get spanked? How often were the spankings bare bottom and did mom see some of the spankings you and your twin got from dad? How much hollering, dancing, and yelling did you 2 do even as you got older?

I saw my sister being caned by my mum a few times. Although I tried to avoid it, my butt also receive the cane.

My step-dad's attitude was that spankings were private times between him and me, or to be more exact, between him and my rear end. But since I tended to be very vocal when I was being punished, everybody within ear shot knew what was happening.

Wow great story I was always spanked bare bottom when I deserved it and was spanked infront of family members and both male and female friends.on my bare bottom upto 18 my parents was very strict.

Great recollection. Like you I witnessed or heard my older bro's spankings and it made me feel terrible, rarely happy even when i was mad at him. I hated getting whipped like that and did not wish it on him