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Sleep Over Spanking

Once when I was 11 I was spending a Friday night with my best friend Mary. We didn't know it but Mary's older sister Susan had gotten into trouble at school. We found out while we were sitting in the kitchen eating cookies Mary's mother had just baked. When Susan came in (after serving after school detention) she tried to act "normal" but her mother immediately began scolding.
"Susan Elizabeth Carson," she snapped, "You have really done it this time Missy!" Susan was 13-yrs-old - a "big girl" to my eyes - but her face turned white and she nervously stammered, "Mother please okay can I go to my room?" and Susan glanced at us with a weird look on her face.
But her mother kept lecturing, "Don't "okay" me young lady. You have are in BIG trouble and you know it!" I suddenly got a weird feeling, as my parents were quite strict - my suspicions were confirmed when the lady said, "First, you're going to vacuum the living room THEN go to your room and clean it top to bottom. And it better be clean Missy, because your bottom is already in for your father's belt at bed time."
Susan's face turned bright red and her hands unconsciously reached to cover the seat of her jeans. OMG! Susan was horrified at hearing "the belt," especially right in front of me and her sister! I didn't blame her, I knew all about "wait until your father gets home" but at 11-yrs-old I hadn't (yet) experienced a spanking with a belt.
But I didn't feel sorry for her. Susan had never been nice to me, always treating me like some "little kid who bugged her" and my natural curiosity made me wonder about how this "big girl" was gonna "get it!"

Once Susan was vacuuming and her mom left the kitchen I tentatively asked Mary, "Is she really gonna get spanked? With a belt?" and Mary blushed herself and muttered, "Ya." I could tell Mary didn't want to talk about it. But I couldn't resist pressing, "Like on her pants or what?" Mary suddenly looked at me, "No," she said clearly. "Not on anything."
I let it drop but for the rest of the day was consumed with wonder about what would take place at bed time. The few times I passed Susan in the hall she avoided my gaze as I wondered how she must feel, having me sleeping over on a night when she was about to get a spanking? And I wondered what she would look like if it really was on her bare bottom?

Mary and I were treated to pizza and tv in the living room for dinner but Susan declined to join us, and when their Dad came home I couldn't help but notice how big and strong he was...and how the black belt he was wearing was narrow but thick. Dang! How would that leather feel across a bare butt?
At 10 pm Mary and I were told to "settling down for the night" but we got to stay in the tv room with sleeping bags and popcorn to watch scary movies - but no movie was as scary as hearing Susan's Dad tell her to "go to your room and get ready for inspection."
Both parents followed Susan to her room, I guess to "inspect" how well she had cleaned it, and I was on pins and needles wondering if Susan was really gonna get spanked and if I would hear it or not?

Mary was acting weird, like nervous herself, and suddenly she announced she was going to go take a shower! I got the feeling that Mary didn't want to be anywhere around when her sister got spanked, so I was left alone in the living room. Moments later, I heard a muffled sobbing, "Please Daddy NO!" which grew louder into "Not down here she will hear" as Susan was being led down stairs by her parents.
The living room door was wide open and I saw Susan marched along with her Mom holding her arm and her Dad following with the dangling belt in his hand! OMG Susan was dressed only in a pj top, she was bare below the waist and I got a glimpse of her "big girl front fur" and her bare behind just before her Mom yanked her into the study and her Dad swung the door (almost) shut behind them.

It was wrong, I think, but I couldn't help sneaking into the hall and putting my eye to the crack left open by the un-shut door. I saw the Dad sit on a big chair and heard the mother scolding as Susan stood clutching her bare behind and sobbing "please no no please no" But her Dad reached out and pulled Susan over his lap so she was dangling there helplessly.
Susan was a short and compact, her feel didn't touch the ground and her hands barely reached in front, so I had a clear view of her round tight teenaged bare bottom sticking up above her firm naked thighs as well as a glimpse of the furry line between her legs.

I saw more, much more, as Susan got her bare bottom and thighs whipped with the belt, with her Dad strapping in bursts of 4 or 5 licks which left dark stripes on her backside and made her start crying hard, begging, "pleese stoppp! no more i'm sorryrrrry" and such.....but it lasted a long time, like 3 minutes - if you know about being spanked - and she was kicking wildly, showing "everything" and her buns were swollen with thick welts. When he strapped her thighs she squealed like mad and the belt left puffy red marks.
I was in a trance watching this, but when it was over and Susan jumped up and danced, I started to feel scared (when was Mary coming back?) not wanting to be caught spying - but I couldn't help watching Susan jump around the room howling and rubbing - a "big girl" belt spanked to childish bawling.

When I snuck back to my sleeping bag I knew I'd have trouble getting to sleep that night, just as I knew Susan would also, not being able to sleep on her back at all.


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My mother never spanked us, but every summer, she shipped off the four of us girls to our grandmother's. Grandma was a firm believer in discipline. Hardly a day went by that at least one of us didn't end up over grandma's lap with our shorts and panties around our ankles receiving a good 10 or 20 swats with a wooden spoon.

The very last summer we were there, I was 12 and my older sister was 13. By then it had become a battle of wills between my older sister and grandma. My sister seemed to be on a quest to push granny's buttons, and quite often, I would get caught up in the fallout.

One day, my sister and I went to this little drug store. My sister grabbed a couple of hair clips and stuck them in her pocket. She wasn't even trying to hide it. Of course the clerk caught us and called the sheriff.

My grandmother lived in a small town so the sheriff gave granny a call and then dropped us off at her house to "handle things."

I don't remember how many swats we got that day, but my sister's *** was quite red by the time granny was finished with her.

After receiving my punishment, I went out to the front porch to sit with my sister. She had her head buried in the arms as she sat on the front steps. She seemed to be sobbing heavily so I sat next to her and put my arms around her to comfort her.

The she started laughing! I was totally pissed for what she had put be through.

"Didn't that hurt?" I asked. "**** yeah," she replied. It was the very first time I had heard my sister use that word. "You're crazy! You did that on purpose," I responded. "Um, maybe," she answered.

"I swear, I think you like it," I shot back. "Um, maybe," she answered again.

The next summer, we both rebelled and refused to spend the summer at granny's.

But by the time I was 20, I hooked up with a woman who was 30 and had a couple of kids. Although she didn't spank her own kids, "bad little Aly" received more than few bare bottom spankings, and to this day, I still enjoy roll playing.

if i had caught u out there u would have got spanked too

Thank you Marzi for your interesting story. I am sorry I had no sister or girlfriend who were spanked so I could never watch such a scene. Could you get some information from Susan how she felt about her spanking?

What you saw is what makes me believe that a belt or any other implement should never be used on any child.

carla what would you have used

Thank you Marzi for your interestign lines. I wonder if all girls will be interesting to watch or listen other girls spankings, but I am sure most boys would turned on by such a spectacle..

what did she do?

Wow, excellent description. And you did a great job of conveying the emotions and telling the scene. Sounds like it woulda been a sight to see

I remember when I was 15 my best buddy was trouble and thought that by inviting me to diner he would get out of it. he was sure his would spank him with me there and by the time dinner was done and we did our homework that it be forgotten even when he asked his mother she to him are you sure you want do it he said yes . after dinner was over we got the books and pretended to be studying when his father came in and announced that he was to get the belt and he knew it and having invited me meant that he what me there to see it so go to the bed and remove his and underwear at that point I said I was going to leave his said no stay right where I was and saw my buddy get the whipping of his life.

I would have watched too and wished it was me :)

What did your friend do get spanked?

If I were 11 right now and my friend's sister had done something bad, i'd do the same.
It would have been funny when I was 11.


wow that sounds scarrie to watch !

I would peek too

and i would spank u too

I have to deliver a firm bare bottom spanking to young missy's.

I really liked this story and I'm glad u got out of there safely

When I was in my teens, I knew a boy whose father strapped him and his big brother every time he came home drunk. Eventually the mother took some stuff and the boys (both teen aged) and they cleared off on a Thursday because it was "working late night" and gave them more time to get away.

It's strange how ones mind reacts when they see others get it. I always looked at their ex<x>pressions and the different sounds let out by different girls.

what do you mean by that different sounds.

Each one had different reactions. Some would cry, some would just let out "ows" and "ahhs", and some would just breathe heavy

what sounds do u make

I looked there too when I could, but I was not always at the same angle every time.

I remember when I tried testing the waters to see if any of my fellow classmates noticed or liked anything about the sessions. I remember asking Mary "Do you notice how Sandi's behind bounces back after each swat?" That was replied with a "No way, your weird." LOL

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Well that's to bad your friend got spanked but as I say if you cannot do the time but do not do the crime. and to make it simpler. If she did not want to be spanked then she should be good.

As bad as getting spanked with a belt may sound, at least a sober grownup has some sense of discretion. They are probably not out of control. My dad was an alcoholic, and I remember the worst time i was spanked with a belt -- in private. He came home drunk, when I was about 10, and 'ordered' me to serve him his favorite drunkard's meal -- bread toast dipped in milk. I hated it when that happened cuz he expected me to serve him and I was always disgusted by it, him being so drunk. If I see someone do it today (I'm like 31) I'll flashback and go crazy; i hate it.<br />
<br />
Anyhow, I acted snotty or said something smart-alecky I guess, cuz next thing was he dragged me into my room. My mother wasn't there she worked nights, or she would have blocked him, but she wasn't so he got a hold of me, so tore off my bottoms and started flailing away. He stopped, and demanded I apologize, I think (I swore) it was, "to God." I said I'd apologize to God and no one else. He said, "you'll apologize to me too."<br />
<br />
I said dammit I won't... he said you will ....on and on you get it. I was in tears and really frightened and excited, and it was like a murderous fight. He started beating me again with his belt but I got under the bed, way back in the corner against the wall, where he couldn't hit me again. <br />
<br />
He was too drunk to pull out the bed, or climb in after me, after all, I was hanging onto the leg for dear life. My older brother (4 years) was watching this, screaming "stop, Dad. Your gonna kill her!!!" Only he ignored him and kept failing away with his belt. <br />
<br />
My brother must have called my mom from work, cause all I remember is she got home, it was around midnight, and tried to intercede and calm him down, which she eventually did. When is was all done I'm sure I'd been "spanked twenty or thirty times or my butt," BUT I'd been struck at least 100 times more, many with glancing blows fended off with my hands. The next week when I went to school I had belt bruises all up and down my forearms, all over my face and neck. I looked like hell. I'm sure all the teachers and my friends knew what had happened, everyone knew my Dad was an abusive drunk. I was just so ashamed, but it shoulda been him. For the next week or two he just moped around and I ignored him. That was how life was with an abusive drunk Dad. <br />
<br />
<br />
PS that's not the worst time he beat me up, either. It's a miracle I made it to be an adult!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I said I'll be dammed if I do, or something to that effect,

It was so sad reading about how you were abused as a child. Having an abusive father must have been dreadful, knowing that the next time he came home drunk it would start all over again. A huge contrast with the firm but loving childhood so many of us had. If I was naughty my mother would tell that there would be a spanking at bathtime, and I'd think about it all day. She'd bath me and then dry me in a big fluffy towel. Then, naked and pink from the bath she'd put me over her knee for a very clinical spanking. No anger, no loss of control, but a carefully measured correction. At the end she'd take me in her arms for a long cuddle and I knew that despite the pain she loved me. At age 11 she handed discipline over to my father who did much the same, but with slipper and no less reassurance at the end.

that is very hard - well done you came out well, You are a strong girl for sure

Belts have nooooo mercey! Have you ever been spanked by Mary's dad?

Tremendous account, well observed and remembered. Would love to chat or email about family cp. I am a pro spanking dad, kids grown now.

very nice story good thing you didn't get caught i amnot sure if her dad would have spanked you but i bet her mom migth have My dad started to use a belt on me at age 13 for real bad things but he had me bend over a desk or lay down on the bed so he could bring the belt up higher and i think he had better conrtrol of where it would land i was never bare but lilttle panties don't help at all

The Belt feels no mercy on the Butt its gonna get laid across, the Victim will experience for hours a well placed Spanking,snooping could have brought trouble to your Butt your lucky you weren't caught. BS...