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Jason's Spannking Spank 3

Hey everyone. This is my last story on my twin's spanking. This happened tonight. My step dad, Andrew made hotdogs. My little sister (step sis Autumn) started to sing hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog! It got on my nerves but I kept my piece. My mom said in a stern voice "Jason Autumn stop... now" They both stopped. When we started eating Jason the childish jock picked up his hot dog and started wiggling it and start singing "sexy and I know it". I flashed my mom and look. My mom glared at my dad and said "Last warning STOP!" "Does someone need their panties or briefs pulled down?" My step asked. My siblings grew pale and said no. We continued to eat. Soon my siblings started to play with the mustard. My parents did not approve. My step then whispered We need to talk autumn and jason. My stomach then jumped because watching a spanking entertains me with the screaming and kicking. When we were done eating we washed our hands and I returned to go on EP. Soon my dad called me into the living room. I saw my siblings over the sofa with there bums in the air. I then felt really sorry for them. My mom and me sat on the love seat. My dad came out of the suite with a homeade paddle and a belt. "Children its brought to my atention that u play with you food" Andrew said. He paced back and fourth then swiped some licks. He then hit each of there butts until they were light red. My sis was silently crying. Jason kept rubbing his butt and covering his area. Now they are standing in the corner. They have to do 360 turns with there hands on his head. I feel really bad :(. The funny thing is my brother doesnt have his hands on his head. Hopefully you wont/dont have such a strict family!
June1993 June1993 18-21, F 5 Responses Feb 26, 2012

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When are you gonna share one of your spanking stories? Sounds like your brother gets it worse but I'm sure you've got a couple experiences haha

When is the lastime u got a spanking n they got to watch Spnkbooty

Sounds like you get a long with your siblings even ifyou like to see them spanked. I am sure they like to see your little butt whipped too! LOL

very interesting spanking scenes! Yes, I remember how exciting it was to watch a good" tune up" at school in my day

I admit I always watch others get spanked with interest. Especially my boy cousins. How old are your siblings? Did your step dad make u come and watch or just give you permission? I understand feeling sorry for them but also enjoying the screaming and red butt kicking. I hope y'all don't tease each other after - I hate that.<br />

No we don't. Jason is 16. Autumn is 7. He makes us. It's funny but in the end you feel sorry for them! :)