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Neighbor Sisters Spanked By Their Dad Before School

Back when I was in grade school, my sisters and I carpooled with Ann and Mary to school. Their father took us to school and my mother picked us up from school. Every morning we would walk down the street to their house. We always were let in and had to wait for them to finish getting ready. There were times when their father would get upset with them for being so slow that he warned them, "If you girls are not ready in five minutes you will have trouble sitting in school today." Sure enough there were times their father would close their bedroom door and you would hear the girls pleading with their father. I did not actually see the spanking, but you good hear them getting spanked on their bare butt. They would both be crying when they came out of their room. Since we had to wear uniforms to school, there were times when I could see were their father spanked them on the back of their thighs and legs. They were bright red.
Ann was in my calss for 6th and 8th grade and there were times in the morning that she would squirm in her seat. The reacher would tell her to sit stillĀ  and quit fidgeting in her seat. Being that we went to a catholic school, the nuns would use corporal punishment on the students. One time when Ann could not sit still (due to having a sore butt from a spanking that morning), Sister Andrea called Ann to the front of the room. She told Ann that since she could not sit still she would give her a reason to be fidgety and gave Ann three swats with the thick yard stick. She was then sent back to her seat and told that a note would be going home with her.
The next morning while we were waiting for the girls, Ann gave the note to her dad. He started scolding her about not giving him the night before. Since we were running late, her father told her when he got home that evening, she would be getting a spanking that she will not forget. According to her sister Mary,their father gave Ann a bare bottom spanking with her hairbrush. Beings that was a Friday nite, Ann had all weekend to recover while being grounded to her room
Both girls recieved spankings from their father all the way through high school..
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I can still remember walking to school with a sore bottom from a spanking that morning from mum,it happened many times and i never learnt from it...the worse was when i got to 8 yrs old and i used to go to school with my friends and on some mornings they would be outside our front door waiting for me and hearing me getting a bare bottom spanking in my school uniform from either mum or my auntie,then i would have to walk to school with my friends still crying..very embarrassing

I had too some before school spankings from mum, and the worst parts were a)my trouble sitting down on the hard wooden chairs with a sore bottom and b)trying to hide my still red bottom and upper thighs before and during gym class

Mornings with kid are so stressfull.<br />
I have to say that in the "good old days" the sequence of events you describe happened many many times

So Ann got beaten at school because she couldn't sit still from a beating from her father, had to take a note home because she got beaten at school, didn't show the note to her father who beats her, so she got another beating.<br />
<br />
Wherever you are today, Ann, I hope the therapy's working.

poor girls! i remember plenty of mornings getting a spanking before school. :( early mornings are rough on kids! and so sad for Ann i bet she was just trying to get away with a smaller spanking. didnt work out for her! i hate having to wait so i dont think i could have ever done that.